Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hi everyone -
Here are the entries into the "Win a Dee Sanchez Painting" contest!
Thank you for all of the wonderful entries.
Please read them all and I will announce the winners at the end.

1. Clair D:

My dog, Sam
Dee Sanchez paintings
The smell of pinon burning in winter
Chiles roasting in the fall
End of the work day/week
Three-day weekends
Warm wool socks in winter
The moon @ 6:15 AM in the winter
Cowgirl boots

Hope you're swell and I'm sorry I had to put you second! 


2. Sonja P:

How fun. This is my lists of inspirational poems that have moved me
1. I thank you God for most this amazing....     e.e. cummings
2.  Now Voyager     May Sarton
3.  River Prayer       Nadia Awad
4.  Wild Geese      Mary Oliver
5.  The Journey     Mary Oliver
6.  When Death Comes   Mary Oliver
7.  To the Oklahoma Lawmakers    Lauren Zuniga
8.  Personhood    Lauren Zuniga
9.  A poem to Progressives plotting mass exodus   Lauren Zuniga
10. The Invitation    Oriah Mountain Dreamer

If you have a chance watch Lauren Zuniga on YouTube read those poems. She is powerful and moving.


3. Maura T:

"I’ve been viewing your paintings for over three years now and I guess more than anything it’s the colors you choose that just wake me up, make me feel good and want to see more. I want to just step into this one. It leaves a lot to the imagination however, it’s clear enough that you can understand.  I love painting of space.  Space is art in itself  and how you perceive it. 

I truly love your work. "


4. Ceci L:

"I can't remember how I first stumbled across your site, but it was a couple of years back. First I have to explain that I live in Vancouver, Canada, where we live with every possible shade of green and gray for most of the year. Seattle folk will understand. So my initially attraction to your work was both your beautiful and varied subject matter (now an area on my must-go-to-paint list), and the exciting and luscious colours you use to portray it, with direct and confident-looking brush work. Secondly, I very much enjoy your narratives and updates (and travel and Christmas photos!), and hope to get as reliable at updating my blog as you are. I want to write as though I have an audience of hundreds, even if it might only be five! I've followed and left a number of blogs, but yours is a 'keeper' and one I enjoy and appreciate. Have a fabulous day, Dee." 

5. Abby L:

"I'm happy to write to tell you how Dee Sanchez has influenced me. First and foremost she has inspired me to explore the South West. Her painting are so rich and beautiful, it makes a trip there (from the east) seem irresistible. Also, from reading about her and exploring her art on line I feel the joy in her artistic process.  Her work simply makes me happy. I would love to win her New Mexico Sunset painting, it would bring the warmth and passion she projects into my current winter world. My fingers are crossed! Regardless of the outcome however, I'm glad to have had the chance to say thanks to Dee and to be on a list of her admirers."


6. Rudy R:

"Why Dee Sanchez?

Several years ago my wife and I were given a Dee Sanchez painting as a gift for some volunteer work we had done. This piece visits our friends when any come to visit as it is hung above our dining room table. I first was wondering where to hang this piece of art and just decided to let it find it way. Hall, bedroom, study, nope none of those rooms were compelled to hold this work. As I was walking from the kitchen was then when i saw the perfect spot. So now it hangs watching over our meals, our conversations, our daily comings and goings.
Dee has touched our lives and so one day I have appointed that we would own another. Could this be the sign from Helen Nichols to look at your contest?

Thanks Dee for doing a beautiful service to those who love art."

7. Tracy M:

"I love your art because when I look at it, is has an instant calming effect no matter where I am.  Even at work, I can open one of your emails, see a painting, take a deep breath, and feel better.  I have them spread throughout the house (and even my cabin up north) for maximum stress relief benefits.  They take me to my happy place, if even for a moment. "


8. Sue R:

 Golden Memories" is a beautiful painting. I love your work, especially the oils...such rich colors and a great sense of light. Love those reds! The brush strokes are fresh and energetic. And those mission churches are just so awesome bathed in sunlight. I'd be honored to own it. Here's another list of 10 of my favorite things:

Smiling eyes 
The wonder of fireflies on cool summer evenings
Lulling sound of gentle waves on warm sand
Soft well-worn handmade quilts
Truth tellers
Giggling children eating fresh peach ice cream
Peace around a crackling campfire
Sincere affirmation
Hiking on sun-dappled mountain paths
Hope rising


9. Janet S:

"I don't remember how the top 10 list goes any more...Like what 10 things I want on my "mini farm" that my husband doesn't want, lol

#10...more hens
#9.....any more roosters
#8.....any more baby chicks
#7.....any more hatching eggs
#6.....any more chickens doing "THAT THING" that they do to fertilize their eggs
#5......any more broody hens sitting on their own eggs
#4......any more months long building coops for chicks...hens...ducks...geese...and roosters...
#3.........anything that sounds like a...looks like a...acts like a...hen, rooster, duck or a goose.
#2.......cute little baby animals like goats, lambs, miniature horses, llamas pr potbellied pigs
#1.......anything that requires him to anything other than sit on his easy chair with his book open and his reading glasses on the bridge of his nose.


 10. Trish W:

"Here's my testimonial:
 I admire your art on so many levels that I can't explain. The vibrant color, the "feelable" texture, the sense that "you are there". Words don't describe what you do with paint. This one I really love, because I have a never ending fascination with New Mexico's history, and our beautiful historic Churches and Missions. I've been sketching out a few of my own to paint some day. I just haven't gotten up the nerve to start.
While I was jotting down favorite things, I found a recurring theme of red and green....So, here is my Top Ten List:
10. Red Velvet Cupcakes.
9.   Red Enchiladas with a fried egg on top.
8.   Red and Gold Fall Aspens.
7.   Red sky at Sunset
6.   Red Chile Ristras everywhere!!
5.   Green Chile on everything!
4.   The green rolling hills through the Hondo Valley. (on my list of painting subjects)
3.   The green glimmer of the first Spring Hummingbird!
2.   Little green shoots of new plant life poking up through a late winter snow.
1.   The green flecks in my beautiful cat's eyes.


11. Reshma J:

My 'Dee Sanchez' testimonial:
I first came across your paintings on DailyPainters.com about 3 years ago. What caught my attention then was the line-work. It made my eyes follow your hand's movements. It made the connection go beyond the art and took it all the way to the artist. It was different and it drew me more into the paintings and I loved how it transformed the pieces. Once I started following you, I got hooked.
Now, I drool over every piece like a well trained doggy waiting patiently in front of his treat to hear ''go''. The strokes and the shades together bring alive everything New Mexico so beautifully! Can I give you credit for contributing to New Mexico's tourism? In 2011, my husband decided we can go to hike the Bright Angel trail at the Grand Canyon. We had 3 days more in our holiday week left and he asked me to choose a place near GC to visit. I convinced him to take me to New Mexico instead! We only had 3 days but i soaked in as much as I could - the deep blue sky, the red earth, the romantic hilly terrain, the mix of cultures, the food, the adobe architecture, the long winding roads, everything! The best thing about it was that my husband fell in love with NM too. That decision came simply out of what I saw and read from following you over the years.
Since I follow you on Facebook and read your blogs, I feel like I know the person you are - the artist, the activist, the wife, Mom, aunt, friend, animal lover - your passion, your struggles, your journeys, your triumphs. Hence i feel connected. i hope i don't sound crazy. I'm gonna stop at this.

Oh forgot! One last thing - my fav Dee Sanchez painting was the one titled- Lone horse. If I try to explain why its my fav, it is going to be another long post so I'll avoid that for now. I actually mailed you and asked you for its price but decided not to get it. I was just starting to sell my paintings then and still hadn't made enough money.

Now here is my top ten list:
I decided to go with 'My Top 10 experiences in New Mexico' in your honor.

1. The scenic landscape - Incredibly beautiful!
2. Hot balloon ride - My favorite part was witnessing all the balloons getting filled up.
3. Chillies - In all its forms, on all my senses...
4. Pueblo Cultural show - music, beats, the movements, the instruments, the story telling, the garment and accessories were all exquisite!
5. Covering ground with the love of my life!
6. The most common color scheme seen in NM- love it!
7. The beautiful skies - dawn n dusk was like a show every day.
8. At Weems! The art scene in NM! Do i need to say more?
9. The adobe architecture
10. Did I mention the landscape? 


12. Lavon M:

Resolutions for 2013 - top ten

1. pay attention to everything I put into my mouth
2. remember to get up from my computer at least once per hour
3. take time to work on my blog
4. paint a painting every day
5. post my paintings on my website
6. write a little on my novel every day
7. go to bed by 9:30 pm and get 8 hours sleep every night
8. walk the dog every day
9. do some yard work - move those flagstones
10. cut some fabric for that quilt


12. Robyn H:

"I’ve always adored your paintings.  I would go into Weem’s every opportunity I had, just to see what new pieces you’d created.  I could literally stand there and get lost in them.  I loved being able to dream that one day I would be able to purchase one of your pieces and admire it on a daily basis in my own home.  So... the day came that I went with my father to the Weem’s $285 sale.  We went a few days early to preview what would be included in the sale.  It was at that moment that I new I’d found the piece that I just had to have.  I literally stood in front of it for what seemed like an eternity.  I would walk away, only to find myself standing right back in front of it in admiration.  So many colors, dimensions, the way it changed in the different lights of the day.  I was so smitten with this painting and knew that I would do whatever it took to make it mine.  As you know, I stayed out in front of Weems for two days with my father.  When the time finally came, and I was able to “run” in and get this most amazing painting, it was an incredible feeling when I pulled it from the wall.  Tears literally ran down my cheeks.  To this day, I admire this painting several times a day as I walk past it.  I own another smaller piece called “Reaching”.   I only hope that as time goes on, that I’m able to purchase more of your paintings.  They truly speak to me.   You have an amazing talent and you’re my most favorite artist!"  

13. Leslie M:

Top 10 Healthy Things That Are “Fun”
1)      Experimenting in the kitchen with various foods and spices (having a dog or pet of some sort may be helpful for failed experiments).
2)      Working out for the first time or getting back to the gym – “you want me to move that how?!”
3)      All the home remedies you can create with things in your kitchen – do you know how many uses there are for baking soda?! Too cool.
4)      David Wolf…’nuff said. He oozes fun! “If you eat nuts, you will be a nut; a ‘health’ nut” – he really said that!
5)      Watching the look on people’s faces when you offer them a goji berry (”what is it?”).
6)      Sifting through all the health advice, products and contradictory opinions (because you have all this extra time, right?).
7)      Bouncing off the walls! Imagine all the fun you can have with all this newfound energy? I can do this and that and go here and there and …
8)      That “healthy” glow (not just for pregnant women anymore).
9)      Health food stores!! So much to see, feel, touch and taste.
10)   Falling out of your old routine and falling in love… with yourself.  Ahhhh!

14. Marcy R:

"Why I Love Dee Sanchez’s Art
On a visit to New Mexico, it was quite by chance (and pure serendipity) that I read about Dee Sanchez and the “150 Paintings Challenge.” Completing 150 paintings in as many days really piqued my interest, prompting a visit to the Internet, where I discovered the colorful, impressionistic style of Dee Sanchez.
As an obsessed gardener, I was initially wowed by Dee’s uses of bold, vivid color and the imaginative way she interprets flowers, especially her signature sunflowers. Dee’s fusion of colors is simply beautiful and I marvel at how she achieves it; she definitely has a true artist’s leap of the imagination!
Beyond the magnificent color, the way she is able to illuminate and transform her many subjects -whether it is an arroyo, an adobe, an ancient church, people, or a vista - allows me to see them in a new light, especially the unique New Mexico landscape.

For me, the most appealing quality of Dee’s painting is an inherent warmth that give her pieces an intimate and personal quality. In fact, my favorite Dee Sanchez painting, “Chimayo Glow,” beautifully captures the rustic, but charming quality of the El Santaurio de Chimayo, which matches my own experience perfectly. Hanging in a prominent place in my home, the painting allows me to return to that hallowed shrine, which affected me so deeply and emotionally. Likewise, “Cloudburst, a cloudscape so full of dramatic color and depth, that I see something different in my mind’s every time I study it. Indeed, Dee Sanchez’s painting has brought a new light and serendipity into my home, in more ways than one!"

15. Penny C.:

Hello D~
I know I will never be able to travel to New Mexico physically...but you take me there every time I look at your paintings...I drink in all of the vibrant and yummy colors your brush puts on the canvas. Your paintings area powerhouse full of expression and beauty. I love your amazing art!
And thank you, for an opportunity to win a painting you have created.


16. Pat V: 

1.  Being healthy and working on it daily.
2.  The sound of children’s voices, especially my grand children
3.  The smell of baby’s sweet breath and touching their velvet skin
4.  Watching birds gather and make their beautiful waves of flight when
      getting ready to migrate.
5.  Thanking God for my painting talent and desire
6.  Thanking God every day for waking up, and my new challenges
7.  Having the freedom to express myself
8.  Grateful for tv, internet, telephone, autos, automatic heat and
     cooling, and things too numerous to mention.
9.  Taking time to feed my faith daily
10. Thanking God for creating me to be ME


17. Nancy B:
Nancy sent her entry to my art email, so I missed it. She wins a painting too.

I know it is probably too late to try for the free giveaway painting since it is already the evening of the day you will announce the winner, but I will try anyway because I love your work. I admittedly know nothing about art,I only know how I feel when I look at your paintings. I am in a stressful job and I care for my elderly parents and lately my days are long and hectic. My Dad has Alzheimers and it is difficult to see him decline. I am an optimistic person that strives to find beauty in people and my surroundings, but lately here in Michigan where the grey days seem to stretch forever, I so want to feel warmth and peace. I am not able to travel due to my responsibilities so lately I have found myself yearning to focus on beautiful things, in an effort to bring some balance into my life. I started looking for art work that would bring color to my home. After a week of searching on line looking at hundreds of pieces of art I fi nally stumbled onto your site. I saw "Sacred Place" and my eyes were immediately drawn to the color and "feel" of the picture. I felt calm and unburdened, and while I have only been to New Mexico once in my life I seem to have a connection to the place. That painting sparked something inside me...I continued on and smiled when I saw the adobes and hollyhocks. There were a couple of those pictures and they gave me a lighthearted feeling. The painting "Golden Memories" is perfect. I love the way the light hits the cross on the old church. It reminds me how we all are filled with light and grace. I love the red color, it kind of anchors us to the Earth where there is always light and hope. Love it and needed it. Was a gentle reminder to me of the beauty that is everywhere. It is evident that you love what you do...you convey the simplistic beauty and charm of the area very well. Peace


Okay, here's what I have decided:

The 5x5" linework aspen painting goes to Reshma J., - she wrote a testimonial AND a Top Ten list!

The 6x6" sunset painting goes to Abby L, mainly because she needs something to brighten her winter world.

The 8x10" painting of Golden Church goes to Trish W., because I so identified with her Top Ten List.

And Janet S. gets honorable mentions for all of her chickens!

BUT - I loved the fact that some of my best fans took the time to write to me, so you are ALL getting a painting!!
Yep, I will be sending all of you a 4x4 or 5x5" painting sometime this year. Please send me your addresses and you'll see a package from me when you least expect it (probably around Christmas, knowing how much I like to procrastinate!). Thanks guys, love you all. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

sunflowers...almost complete

I am almost finished!
I've been working on this commission for some time now.
The collectors haven't really been in a hurry, so you know me - 
I wait until I have just enough time and then I get inspired and work nonstop.
This one will be framed in an antique gold speckle floater frame.

Close up of sunflower detail.

On another note....

Those of you that know me know that there's a field and a house that I like to photograph
and paint through the seasons. It's called Alamo Farms and it's right by my gym. 
So I went to photograph it day before yesterday and when I pulled into the parking lot, 
this is what greeted me - about 150 to 200 cranes. 
I think they might be sandhill, but I'm not sure. 
Maybe someone knows?

 They were just moseying around, eating from the field.
In the background you can still see leftover snow from a few days ago.

 They didn't seem to be too bothered when I moved my car slowly, trying to get good photos. 
This one did give me the evil eye.

 Aren't these guys just beautiful?
The remind me of flamingos.
They were very hungry...

 On my way home, I usually go what I call the "back way" or "scenic way" home.
It's a slow drive through the little neighborhood to the southwest of me.
I spotted these cats in a window, and thank goodness I had my camera with me.
I screeched on my brakes and found a spot to turn around in.
It has been so cold here, and I think they were snuggled, just trying to get warm.
Love the light and the face of the cat on the left.
I was shooting through a fence, so you can see the shadow of the links on their fur.
I wonder if the big one is a momma cat?

And on one more note....
 This is how my kitchen looked day before yesterday.
The sheetrocking is done.
The holes and gaps are being filled in.

 They are putting new saltillo tiles in the space where there is concrete in order to 
have the floor be on the same level and have the cabinets fit properly.
I think our previous owners put in the floor around the cabinets.
It's getting there.

 This is what I call the woodstove area.
Right now it's kind of a catchall for everything - tools, plugins, etc.
You can see the door to my studio off to the left.
I don't know if you can see it, bu tthere's a sign behind the stove
that says,"BEWARE, MEAN WIFE."
That's me.
Yep, bought it for myself. Beat my husband to it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

last free giveaway

oil on panel


This is the last painting in my three painting giveaway - 
I will announce the winners next Monday.
This painting is of the old church at Golden, New Mexico.
It used to be this color, now they have it two-toned with white and adobe brown.
To win this painting, either create any kind of Top Ten List for me 
(not from David Letterman, please), 
or give me a "Dee Sanchez" testimonial about why your like this painting,
or any of my paintings, for that matter.
Good Luck!

How I Paint a Ballet Shoe

 1. Lightly sand the satin shoe with a fine grade sandpaper

 2. Sketch a few flowers in loose acrylic paint

3. Just a few for spacing 

4. Cut off ribbons to be re-attached later 

5. Start filling in color 

 6. Adding and filling in 

 7. Color filled in

 8. Adding the linework 

 9. Gotta add my stamp!

 10. Finished toe shoes with ribbons attached.
Shoes have been sealed with a satin acrylic sealer.

On another note....

 I went out yesterday and shot a few pictures of the landscape right by my house.
The mountains were covered with a thin layer of clouds 
and everything seemed very serene.

 The irrigation ditch neat my house. 
There are really cool trails heading up to a waterway that overfills with runoff from the river when it rains. 
No ducks today.

 This is about three streets over from me.
I think these are apple trees. 
Not sure what  the grass is, I know there are some spent sunflower plants in here.
There is beauty, even in the winter.

Even though this looks dreary, I think it would make a nice painting!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Free Giveaway Painting #2


This is one of my favorite scenes - a beautiful New Mexico sunset.
It is 6x6" and oil on canvas.

To win this one, 
please send an email to dshadowtail @aol.com 
with the following:


Write a short paragraph about why you like the art of Dee Sanchez.
Maybe a particular painting moved you. 
Maybe you had a special experience with a piece of my art.
Maybe you met me at a show and we connected.
Something, anything, that would make a good testimonial.

I will post the last free painting giveaway tomorrow.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Painting Giveaway!!

old school acrylic with linework
Win This Painting!


I will be giving away three paintings this week - two oils, one old school acrylic.
This is exciting for me because I haven't done this for a while.

Here's how you can win this painting:


I want your Top Ten lists!

This could be Top Ten anything - about art, life, dogs, pea soup, marine life...
your choice. 
It can be serious, humorous, informational, inspirational, you name it.

Whoever has the Top Ten list that strikes a cord with me, wins! 

Oh, and only originals, no David Lettermans or anything like that.

I will post the Top Tens I like the most.

I will post the other two paintings to give away
Thursday and Friday.
You will have a week for each one to come up with your Top Ten List.
Good Luck.

Send your Top Ten List to:


Today is a day for daily painting, running errands,
and finishing up that big sunflower commission.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

513 el salto snow

oil on hardboard

This was fun to paint!
My thanks to Steve Bundy, a friend and great photographer for
letting LPNM use this photo for Challenge 9.

I don't paint snow very often, so it's work for me.
If you look at snow in person and in pictures, it's not white, 
it's many different colors, shades, and shadows.

I didn't want to spend a lot of time and overthink it,
so I just started and went for it.

To purchase using Paypal, click HERE.

Monday, January 07, 2013

sunflower commission

 I am working on a sunflower commission - 30x40" 
and I am trying to match a particular shade of red.
Harder than I thought.
I am so used to using cadmium red light, which definitely has orange undertones.
I'm trying to match the photo of the flowers in the upper left-hand corner.
I ended up mixing napthol red, permanent rose, and a touch of magenta.
I think I got it!

The painting in progress.
I want to finish by Thursday.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

413 spring rain

oil on hardboard

I am loving this daily painting adventure again!
This is a painting from one of my photos from last year of a 
beautiful little rainstorm that was happening 
off on the mesa as I was driving near Abiquiu.
I'm also working on a large sunflower commission 
and I will post photos of that work in progress tonight.
Life is good - except for not having a kitchen.....
It's hard to wash your brushes AND your dishes in the same bathroom sink.

If you love this painting and want to purchase through Paypal, please click HERE.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

313 orange roof

oil on canvas 
$99 plus $10 shipping

This is a quaint little adobe up in northern New Mexico.
It wasn't a church, but it just seemed to be missing something
and I think it was a cross. 
So I gave it one and I like how it turned out.
On another note, I am participating in a "30 paintings in 30 days" 
challenge on facebook and I must admit, 
it's helping me stay on track with my work.
I have two commissions left to finish up and then I hope to begin a large commission
for a local restaurant. More about that later...
My kitchen is empty, so my life feels really weird right now.
I never realized how much I would miss my kitchen!
But everyone says the wait will be worth it.
My weight loss blog is kind of a hiatus right now.
I will work on updating it next week and getting back on track.

If you love this painting and would like to purchase this painting,  please click HERE.

Friday, January 04, 2013

213 the pinks

oil on hardboard
$99 plus $10 shipping

Wow, it feels SO good to get back to painting on a daily basis.
I am participating in a 30 day painting Challenge with artist Leslie Saeta.
You can see the particpating artists' work for each day HERE.
Just scroll down under her post for today.

This painting is from a photo I took in Taos. 
It's pink hollyhocks against a grey adobe wall.
I added a little turquoise/blue to give it some pop,
but I think it still looks soft and flowing.

For Paypal purchase information, click HERE.