Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Art on the brain....

Oh man, I am getting spring fever.
I woke up at 4am the other morning, and started thinking...
about art.
Everything art!

About what i want to do this year, next year, 
the next five years.

I seriously got up, 
went in the living room,
got out my phone, 
and entered every thought I was thinking.
Before I forgot it all.

This is my newest painting:

oil on panel
Black Mesa

So, I am going to start implementing some of my plans
and will share them with you as they come about.

Keep making art, loving art, and sharing art, everyone!

Go to art events
Get to know other artists
Comment on other artists blogs when you like their work
Comment on artist's facebook pages when you like their art
Don't be stingy with your praise and don't be afraid to share what you know.

Love you all....

Friday, February 06, 2015

New Paintings

This was the beautiful sunset over my house yesterday.
Gorgeous gorgeous.
I am having the hardest time trying to work - the outdoors has really been calling my name.
Our weather here has been in the high 60s and I just want to go outside and start pulling weeks and cleaning flower beds.

Speaking of flower beds, here is one of my newest paintings:

oil on panel

And a painting of the village of Valdez near Taos Ski Valley: 

oil on panel

This is a beautiful rainy cloudburst. 
The panel was textured a bit, so you can see it coming through:

oil on panel

And this one actually started out to be something else entirely.
I wasn't happy with it, so it got scraped off, except for the orange and yellow foliage at the bottom.
Now, I think I'm in love with it!

oil on panel

 On another note:

Two days ago, I went out to feed the pups and almost stepped on
some really beautiful frosted leaves on the ground.

Funny, how we sometimes don't notice the beauty of
what is right in front of us.

Oh and last, but not least:

oil on panel

If you are interested in any of these paintings, email me at

Tomorrow I will be working on finishing up two commissions
and working on a sunflower painting for the blog
and facebook page for Let's Paint New Mexico.
Check it out:
Facebook Page: "Let's Paint New Mexico!"

Tuesday, February 03, 2015


oil on panel

Oh, how I love this place.
This is the little village of Valdez,
which is near Arroyo Seco and Taos Ski Valley.

So beautiful in any season! 

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Thank you!

15-13 "REACHING"

oil on panel
$99 plus $10 shipping

Can you tell I'm ready for spring??
These poppies are ready too.

After painting a couple of pieces yesterday
and getting a little tired of landscapes and pears - 
I just had to paint something thick and juicy! 

This is my end-of-the-night-go-for-it wild meadow!

To purchase this painting, click on the Paypal button below.
You may use a Paypal account or any major credit card.
Thank you!

Sunday, February 01, 2015



I love the wall, the bricks and the way the light hits these flowers.
Feel free to crop, rearrange, etc.
I have to tell you, when I went looking through photos searching for this one - 
I came across SO many other good ones!
Not just sunflowers, but so other many great NM subjects....
I can't wait to see what everyone does!