Tuesday, May 31, 2016



oil on cradled gessoboard

This is the first time I have ever painted lilacs.
Not easy. I thought I had it finished.
Then I looked at it.
Then I looked at it some more.
And I scraped it off!
And started over.

Boo for having to paint it twice.
But that's just part of the creative process.

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Monday, May 30, 2016



I am obsessed with gardens right now.
I drive to Corrales at least once a week to 
photograph a particular garden.

I also drive by an artist friend's house because 
they have gorgeous flowers growing in their front yard.

A little side street near my house

 yarrow, larkspur, and guillardia (I think)

 I love hollyhocks against ugly cinderblock walls.
The blocks are grey in color,
which makes for beautiful contrasts in painting.

 more hollies in different shades of pink

 Red-orange roses - beautiful!

 a field of larkspur
This reminds me so much of my grandmothers.

 beautiful turquoise gate with larkspur,
bachelor buttons, and hollyhocks not yet blooming.

 side garden at my obsession house

 beautiful roses at Villa Acequia in Corrales

 Oh man, these roses are simply divine.

 The center is so gorgeous, just waiting to unfold!

 hollyhocks peeking though

another beautiful painting

I hope you don't get bored with my photographs.
I am so busy and getting busier all the way through the end of July.

Taking time out to photograph a little
beauty in my corner of the world keeps me going.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

come with me....

I finally got away to Taos!

I rented a house, invited a couple of friends,
and spent three beautiful days there.

Retreated, painted, ate great food, saw some artist friends
and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery of Taos, New Mexico.

Oh, and took over 600 pictures.

The main thing I noticed on this trip was everything is SO green.
I usually go in October when the colors are earthy and gold.

This was all pretty new to me and let me tell you about the lilacs.
Lilacs galore.
Lilacs in every little village and everywhere you looked.

Taos was even having a lilac festival! 
For some reason, this year the lilac bushes were outrageous.
All different colors, and big, fragrant flowers.
The locals said this year was a spectacular year for the blooms.

We took a sprig off of one tree,
and it perfumed the car for days.

 lilacs and apple trees

 the view of Taos mountain from our living room

 a tree in blossom

 This scene was down the street from our house - in someone's yard!
I want this little stream in MY yard.

 I am going to paint this scene this week.
Beautiful blossom trees, a red roof, and mountains in the background.

 The village of Arroyo Seco 

 Main street of Arroyo Seco 
Pottery store and the mercantile 

 My favorite old Arroyo Seco truck
Going to paint this one again soon 

 El Salto Peak
Do you see the lilacs?

 Caught a magpie resting on a branch

 Lilacs and adobe in Arroyo Seco

Bandanas for sale in Arroyo Seco

 I headed out for town the second morning 
These were poppies on Ledoux Street.

 The Blumenshein Museum
I was going to paint here (I am a member),
but the flowers weren't in full bloom yet.

 A beautiful door flanked by light pink lilacs

 A fairly new store in Bent Street
What a combination - chocolate and cashmere!

 Two color of lilacs and a beautiful iris at the local cemetary.

 Now, who wanted want to be a horse and live here?
All of the grass you could eat!

 Another magpie 

 Sunlight on El Salto

 Three visitors

 Lilacs and aspens
This would make a good painting if I could capture the light.

 Arroyo Seco main street

 The old church in Arroyo Seco.
Not seen from the road which makes it even better!

 The local ice cream hangout,
the world-famous Taos Cow

 Funky little art gallery in Arroyo Seco

 Cool garage with poppies on Ledoux Street

 Inger Jirby's Casitas and Gllery

 Front of the old church in Ranchos de Taos

 Beautiful iris in the Ranchos de Taos plaza

 Even an empty beer bottle becomes art

 Road to Arroyo Hondo
So green and luscious!

 The horse doesn't even have to search for water.
It comes right to him.

 Cool little crosses

 Another old truck

 The valley of Valdez
I have painted it with golden trees.
We'll see how I do with so many greens.

 Another old truck in Questa

Rebuilding the old church at Questa

the waters were flowing...

 sunlight on the mountains

Taking a rest....

My two completed plein air paintings:

I had a wonderful time and can't wait to go back in the fall.
You will see some of these photos become paintings.
Until next time, Taos!

Next stop - Abiquiu, Ghost Ranch, and the monastery!