Monday, October 01, 2018



Hi all,
I know it's been FOREVER since I posted.
I'm going to try to update on a more regular basis for the next year.

Okay, first - I have lost 52 pounds.
I'd like to say it's been hard, but it hasn't really.
I just kind of stopped eating breakfast and big late dinners.

Other than that, I eat pretty much what I want.
I like Lean Cuisines and other meals that are portion-controlled.
And I have been swimming.

I'm going to step up the exercise now because I
know I'm going to make fudge and chocolate chip
pumpkin nut cookies for the holidays 
and I don't want them to be my downfall.

This is the new pic

This is the old pic
One thing I've noticed - 
you lose weight, your wrinkles show more.
Maybe you look older.

In other news,
today is the first day of October and that means,

I got it all out and am listening to my favorite CD as we speak.

I am SO ready for fall this year.

Well, I have to go make spaghetti now, 
so I will write more tomorrow.

Lots of cool art stuff going on to tell you about!