Friday, August 05, 2022

taking time

9x12" oil

Hi everyone.
I have had some serious knee and leg issues lately 
that have stopped me in my tracks. 

I haven't painted anything in almost two months. 

I am really fatigued and have a primary doctor
appointment in a week or so. 
All of the bloodwork, x-rays, etc.
And an orthopaedic surgeon appointment in 
early September.
I haven't wanted to go anywhere because
of Covid, but I guess it's time.

So anyway, I decided I'd better get in the studio
and DO SOMETHING. Anything.
My paints were kind of tacky, so I figured
I would get out the old palette knife and just play.
And that's what I did.

I want to start a project but am not sure 
what's coming up in the future.
I haven't entered any shows because I just 
don't have the energy.

Even plein air painting - it seems
like too much energy and trouble.

So please bear with me.
I will be back in full force and 
I thank you for your support!

This painting is available HERE.