Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year...New Projects

New Year...New Projects

As I look back on 2016,
it was a pretty good year for me.
I participated in a few plein air events.
I even won an award, where Albert Handell
was the judge, mind you.

I created my 150 Challenge online and sold so many of them.
Thank you, collectors!
I still have a few paintings to go. 
I don't know why I haven't felt an overwhelming need to
complete the last 50.
But they are here, just waiting to be finished.

I had a fantastic art party at my home this past year- 
complete with music, great Mexican food, 
lots of people, and a Studio Sale.
I got to see old friends and collectors
and meet a lot of new and interesting people.
I want to do that again!

I took lots of day trips this year:
Jemez, Abiquiu, Chimayo, Taos, Truchas,
the Monastery, Ghost Ranch,
Penasco, Ojo Sarco, Algodones, etc.

The cool thing about day trips is no matter
when you go, what time of season, 
 even what time of day, the scene always looks different.
The light looks different.
You see things you wouldn't see just sitting at home.
Like three dogs romping through a tall field of purple wildflowers.

This year brings new opportunities and new challenges.

What do I want to do this year?
This is my list so far:

Go and paint lots of new places
Finish my 150 Challenge
Paint some daily old-school acrylic lined work - 
(yes, lined work is coming back, more on that later)
Paint some daily figures and nudes
Paint at the Blumenshein Museum in Taos
Spend 3-5 days in Taos plein air painting
Paint ornaments and offer them for sale
Do an art collaboration with some of my artist friends
Paint some animals
Offer a workshop or two
Enter a show or two
Work on building my social media presence
Finish up my paintings for family

All of this will probably take up the whole year.

I'm sure new things will come and some
things on this list will fall away.
That's how it is being an artist.
The cool thing is that I make my own schedule.
I choose when I work, how long I work, 
which is cool, but it's also solely up to me to 
get things done and make things happen.

is starting up again on January 2,
Look for our facebook group page and blog (same name for both) 
and watch over 50 artists create an image
every two weeks from a photo of somewhere
or something in New Mexico.

Can you spot mine?

It's kind of a cold and dreary day today.
I'm putting on a pot of beans for enchiladas tonight
and will toast in the new year with 
sparkling cider, or maybe even Sprite.
I will watch the ball drop at midnight
and hope 2017 is better than 2016.

As long as my family is healthy, 
we have a roof over our heads, 
food to eat, clean water to drink,
and love to share,
and I can paint,
it's going to be a great year.

Love to all of my family, friends, and collectors.
 I couldn't do what I do without 
your encouragement, comments, and support.

Love and hugs to all.
2017 - BRING IT ON!!

Happy New Year

Sunday, December 18, 2016

New Paintings

Back in Painting Mode

Seriously, if you ever lose your desire and 
motivation for painting - take a few days off.
Visit art galleries. 
Get some new art books.
Go to Barnes and Noble and browse the art magazines.
Get online and see other artists' websites and blogs.

And them, get in the studio and PAINT something.

I am in work mode now and in a way,
that's not good because I have 7 shopping days until
Christmas and I have bought NOTHING.
Zilch. Nada.

But I'm not worried. Why?
Because I do this every year.

I have ordered a turkey with fixings from the local
store and will buy my supplies to make all of my goodies this week.

But in the meantime, I will paint.

 This is a SOLD commission of beautiful hills and mesas.

For every landscape I paint, I try to throw in a wild and chaotic abstract piece.
Why? Because it loosens up my hand 
and reminds me what I love about being an artist.
This is a view of larkspur and poppies from a Corrales Garden.

Today, I will be painting Canyon Women!

You can find this painting available HERE.

Saturday, December 17, 2016



Well, here we are, almost at the end of 2016.
This year has really flown by.

As humans, I think we all start to think about the NEW year right about now.

What will we do?
What will we accomplish?
What do we want to put on our schedule?

As an artist, I have to think WAY ahead.

Do I want to do any shows?
Search for a new gallery?
Enter any contests?
Do any plein air paint outs?
Have any studio events?

Here are my plans so far:

1. GET IN SHAPE (so I can have knee surgery)
I feel like this goes on my list EVERY year and never gets done.

2. More plein air painting!
Places like these:

There is nothing better than plein air painting for me.
Getting out in nature and experiencing the elements.
It's so much harder than studio painting, but worth it.
I respect those paintings a lot more than my studio paintings,
just because of the amount of work involved.

Maybe I can make it out to a couple of places this winter.


I want to have a lot more of these - 
Art Parties, Open Studios, Collaborative Events,
Special Sales, Workshops, and my newest venture, 
I want to invite people to my studio and we will
all come away with a small painting and have appetizers
and cookies.

I love a sense of connection.
As artists, we are loners in our studio.
And it does get lonely.
So I am constantly thinking up ways to get that
social network that I need and crave.

And what better way than to have fun events with food and music?
Stay tuned for that.....

Yes, our online painting group is back and will
begin on Monday, January 2, 2017.
For those of you who are not familiar,
LPNM is an online group of over 50 artists from all over the globe
who paint from a photo image of New Mexico every two weeks
and share their finished creations on our facebook group page 
and our blog.
Excited to see what everyone does this year!


I want to have some kind of show in 2017.
What kind? I don't know yet.
Any suggestions?
One possibility: an outdoor one day collaborative event
with artist friends I know.
We'll see!

So there you have it for 2017.

Now for Christmas:
 I am going to enjoy Christmas.
I have not started Christmas shopping yet,
but am not going to stress about it!

I want a Canon Powershot sx720 in my stocking.
It's not as nice as my G15, but it has a long zoom and includes wifi.

We will have luminarias out.

Christmas Eve Dinner:
Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, salad, tamales,
red chile, rolls, fruit salad, fudge, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
And friends and family.

That's all you need, right there.


Oh, and I have three new 150 Challenge paintings!
To see them and the rest of the available paintings,

Friday, November 18, 2016


 Hi all,

I keep trying to get back to blogging but life just keeps on
interfering and dragging me away.

BUT, I am back and hope to post regularly.


We had our collaborative plein air show,
in October during the Corrales Harvest Festival.
Such a great group of women artists!
The booth was beautiful and the artwork was incredible.
We didn't make very many sales (small turnout, wrong kind of cutsomer, etc.),
but we had a great time and met a lot of wonderful people.

Here are a few of my plein air pieces from the show:

These paintings are available through my studio.

So, I spent a few days recuperating, deciding what
my next project might be.

I reorganized my studio.
I spent several days driving around Corrales, Algodones, and Bernalillo,
taking photos of the beautiful fall colors.

An example:

Beautiful, the village of Corrales!

So anyway, several life "things" came up 
and the studio sat empty of life for a couple of weeks.

Then, when I was ready to work, BAM, it got colder.
The knob had broken off of my heater and I had to wait
until we got a new one and have my husband install it.

It just got installed day before yesterday so now I have HEAT!

I also have my Christmas music organized and ready to go.

SO, I am going to start work today on finishing
my roughly 60 150 Challenge paintings.
I have a feeling they are all going to be paintings of fall colors, lol.

I'm thinking about moving my SOUP TO SANTA event until
after the holiday madness has passed.
I guess I will have to call it something else.

I thought it might be nice to have an "end of winter" event
and celebrate the coming of spring.
We'll see.

I have several works at Weems Old Town Gallery
and Marigold Arts Gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe.
If you're ever in the area, 
be sure to drop by and say hi to the gallery owners
and tell them I sent you!

This painting below is a 9x12" and was painted
while staying at a beautiful home in Taos, New Mexico.

oil on panel

I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving
 and this is what I will be doing this week:


Friday, November 04, 2016



Now that it feels like winter in New Mexico, I really enjoying
looking at the paintings I created in the spring.
I love this Taos apple blossom orchard.

My favorite part are the misty mountains

If you are interested in this painting,

Dee Sanchez has a new personal blog post.
Please click on the image above to read.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

To read My newest personal blog post,

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Corrales, Bernalillo, Algodones

I went looking for the gold.
Autumn Gold. New Mexico Gold.

I spent the last two mornings driving and shooting photographs.
My destinations were Corrales, Bernalillo, and Algodones.

I think I could still spend another eight hours driving down little dirt roads
and not see everything there is to be seen.

Here are some of my best shots:

 Beautiful old cottonwood

 Fall Harvest Decorations

 The Old Church Road acequia

 Virginia creeper and adobe

 Loved the light on these prayer flags

 Dried corn stalks against the mountain

 Harvesting the apples

 Oh my gosh, the cranes were out!
I saw them in several fields.
They noticed me but I was very quiet.

 An old tractor put out to pasture.

 Beautiful horse

 The cranes are everywhere.

 The old church with a little fall color

 A warm adobe against the fall colors

 Cactus pear fruit

 The old peace sign near the Milagro Winery

 Pumpkins are still in the field!

 Sweet peas are still blooming!

 The last of the red leaves on an old shrub

 Actually right near my house.
Oooh, scary.

 Also near my house.
Even scarier!!

 Headed out to Bernalillo

 Along the road, a nice sweet little stream
 with the Sandia mountains as a backdrop.

 Beauty in the fall colors

 Stored hay for horses and cows
You can see the Algodones plateau on the right.

 The Algodones plateaus

 An old abandoned camper under the cottonwoods

 A very brave unescorted chicken

 Beautiful dry arroyo

 Virginia Creeper and old shutters

 The Albuquerque Open Space (yes, I went there too).

Serenity with the ducks

Hope you enjoyed this photo tour.
I have a craving to take as many pics as I can
these next couple of days because the gold is fleeting.