Tuesday, August 21, 2012

 Hi all,
I am finally back in the groove. It really helped to sketch out those 56 gessobords - 
got the creative juices flowing again.
This is one of the paintings for the Balloon fiesta - a 6x6" titled "NORTHSIDE" on Ampersand Gessoboard and painted black around the sides. These can be hung alone and can also be framed.
Here, I'm in the process of painting the sides.


This is one of the paintings I finished today. 
I actually painted a few but by the time I was done, it was too late to photograph them all. 

 This is one in the works. 
You can see the hanging photograph?
This is a painting I did years ago and I always include a new version of it in every show.
You can see the 6x6" sketched and ready to go

This large piece sold at Weems today. I'm happy but a little sad.
It was one of my favorites. 
Now I have to paint another!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

What I've been up to....

oil on cradled hardboard

Hi guys, I know it's been a while since I've posted, but don't think I haven't been busy. 
Planning and organizing for two big back-to-back shows is exhausting! 
The image above is a new painting for the Balloon Fiesta show coming up October 6-14th.
It's of an old adobe building and a small hay barn in Arroyo Seco.

 The posters are here! The posters are here!
I spent one day last week hand-signing 400 of them.
It was hard but didn't take as long as I thought. 
We had a system!

 The image above and this article appeared in Albuquerque the Magazine's August edition, which is on the stands now. I can't believe that smile. I didn't want to and the photographer kept trying to make me laugh.
Not one of my better moments!

 Laying the posters out at Balloon Fiesta Headquarters for signing and numbering.
The posters will be available at www.balloonfiesta.com. 
They are $65 unsigned, $150 signed.
Their number is 505-821-1000.

 My husband and I decided to take a short trip to Taos for 
our 35th wedding anniversary (40 together).
We hardly ever travel alone, or we're always going to visit family.
This time it was just the two of us.
The image above is a raincloud gathering steam along the way.
You know this will be a Balloon Fiesta painting!

The river running through the mountains headed to Taos. 
needless to say, it was gorgeous!

The Rio Grande Gorge.
A bunch of you know what I mean when I say that as you 
come out of the horseshoe curve you have the best view of the gorge in the world.

This was where we stayed.
 El Monte Sagrado, which I think means sacred mountain.
It's very beautiful and interesting. 
 Fruit trees and native landscaping all around.
The rooms are all themed: Tibet, Japan, Painted Pony, Carribean, African, etc. 

This is a little casita at the resort with it's own private courtyard.

We ate at Tomasita's in Santa Fe on the way, then had dinner in Taos at Orlando's. 
We drove on through Arroyo Seco, which you see above.
Beautiful day.
The next morning, we had to go eat at Michael's Kitchen, the best place to eat in Taos.
Then it was time for home.
Oh, and we lost $10 gambling.

Passing Camel Rock on the way home. 
A natural formation that you used to be able to climb
 on and now they have fenced off for protection.

When we got home, it poured on us. 
Heavenly rain. unexpected.
Good to be home.

Guess what was waiting for me at home?
A huge order of cradled gessobord.
And that's not even all of it - they have the rest on backorder. 
My daughter unboxed it and stacked it for me.

 These are some ornaments I started working on before I left.
I'm excited about these.
I'm going to try to get 40-50 done for the fiesta.
We'll see.

 Back at work, toning panels.
Such fun!

 My cousin and I went to Corrales to eat at Hannah and Nate's
and take a drive by "my" cornfield. I always like to track its progress.
It's pretty nigh and looked like it had already been picked.

 I believe this is green chile.
We'll go back in a couple of weeks and see what's happening.

Check out my newest blog,
Over 30 artists accepted the challenge of making art
from an image I post on the 1st and 15th of every  month.
the results from Challenge 1 have been beautiful.
To see the artwork, click HERE.

I'm doing a commission of Los Poblanos and had to go take some photos yesterday.
The clouds and the mountains were beautiful.
Los Poblanos was fair - the lotus flowers had faded, as had most of the roses. 

 This is a photo of the Los Poblanos Inn with their adobe wall, roses, and pampas grass.

I know, this is probably a boring photo for you, 
but this is one of my favorite places to photograph in Albuquerque. 
I call it "the house" and it's not really even a house, I think it's a storage shed. 
It sits in the Alameda Open Space and the fields are called "Alamo Farms."
You can walk the trail around it, but you can't walk into the open space.
I just like it because it has the backdrop of the mountains, 
and the field is always changing color.
So, if you see a painting that has the words "the house" in it, 
you'll know it's right here.

That's all for now - what a long post!
I am back to work, so look for daily postings.
Balloon paintings are available for purchase, until it the middle of September, 
so if you see something you love, email me at deesanchezart@hotmail.com

I missed you guys! Bye now...