Friday, October 23, 2015

the last two....


 Yay, my show is almost here and I'm starting to get excited.
This is a 30x48" sunflowers wild garden painting.
I saved it for near the end because I love playing with all of
those colors and shapes.
It's like a big puzzle.
Please click on the image for a larger view.

This is my last painting.
I thought I was done and someone asked,
"Did you paint Canyon Women?"
And I didn't.
I forgot!

I try to paint at least one Canyon Women painting for each show.
These women have worked hard in the chile fields
all day and are headed home to their sweet little casita in the mountains.

Okay, gotta get back to it.
Postcards are in, have to print my mailing list labels and get those out.
We have hooking, wiring, titling, and inventorying to do.

And I am working on a two big painting commission 
for a hospital expansion that is due October 31st.
No time to stop and think about it.
Like Nike says, "Just Do It."


Thursday, October 22, 2015

it's coming, it's coming....

 It's almost that time again!
I love the holiday season. Not Halloween so much, 
but I love the fact that it's means the beginning of all of the holiday craziness.
Things that come to mind are:
ornament making, pumpkin carving, turkey cooking,
fudge making, tree hunting, coldness,
luminarias, and that exciting and wonderful time of family
and just being together.

 We had quite a bit of rain the past two days,
but today the sun is out and shining bright.
Which means I will be working in the studio on a couple of commissions.
I find it very hard to work on cloudy, gloomy days.

There are lots of things on my mind right now:

getting all of my work gathered and delivered
for the upcoming Sumner and Dene show on november, 6,
planning another fundraising NMDOG event, 
enjoying my graddaughter's second birthday,
enjoying MY birthday, spending Thanksgiving with our Nana,
making a Christmas wreath, etc.

 These were my wreath making supplies from last year.

 Our nana's house with the sunset's last glow
I should have shot this a little straighter.
It will probably still become a painting one day.

Stockings at one of my favorite antique stores,
which just closed. Bah!
But there are two more that opened up in the area, 
and i look forward to exploring those.
All of the antique stores in the area 
have a super holiday SHOP AND STROLL,
usually the first weekend in December.
They offer posole, treats and goodies,
and sales on everything!
I will be there.

So, I say enjoy and embrace the holiday craziness.
After all, it only happens once a year.
And don't worry about those annoying family members and in-laws.
One day you won't have them around and 
Christmas might just be a little more lonely and boring.
Feliz Navidad in advance!!

Oh, and I will post the information
 about the upcoming SOUP AND SANTA event tomorrow.
There will be a limited number of tickets sold, so be watching.....

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Taos, New Mexico

Visual Journey

 Since I am almost done painting for my upcoming Sumner and Dene show,
I decided to take a quick (and much needed) getaway weekend to
my favorite place, Taos, New Mexico.

I took over 700 photos and am showcasing a few here:

The photo above is a view of one of the mesas between 
Albuquerque and Santa Fe.
I believe this is called "walking rain," this happens when rain 
drops out of the sky and looks like it is walking across the earth
It's really beautiful.

 A dynamite view of the Rio Grande gorge.
I don't think I've ever gotten a photo with this much light.
This image will definitely become a painting!

 I was on the lookout for light and I found it on the first day.
This is El Salto peak covered in golden aspens.
The foreground shows chamisa and other beautiful colors.

I spent about 20 minutes here and took at least 50 photos of this one scene.
The light changed so fast that some of the photos didn't even look like the same place.

 We spotted two doe and an antlered buck on the road 
where we turned into our house.
Beautiful and so graceful.

 A nice fire awaited us at Orlando's, 
my favorite Mexican food restaurant in Taos.

 The next morning, I left the house very early,
 to see if I could get some nice photographs.
I am not sure what this red is (sumac, maybe?),
but it was all over Taos.

 A view of Taos mountain and the changing fall colors.

 A view of the Arroyo Seco graveyard.
Decorated with flowers everywhere!

 Cool sign coming into Arroyo Seco from Arroyo Hondo Road.

 Village of Arroyo Seco in early light.
First stop - Abe's Cantina for breakfast burritos.

 The old church in Arroyo Seco.

 After Arroyo Seco, I ventured down into Valdez, 
the little village on the way to Taos Ski Valley.
This was an old, old adobe building that is part of the Valdez land grant.

 Lovely morning light hitting an old adobe.

 Golden colors of fall on Rim Road

 A spectacular old blue gate on Rim Road. 
Won't this make a nice painting?

 Golden trees on Rim Road
I took a lot of images of grasses, chamisa, and other ground
foliage. I'm thinking of painting a whole series of
large color field grass paintings.

 The mountains and colors in Valdez

 I know this is Virginia Creeper, 
because it grows all over my yard!

 I can't go through Arroyo Seco without capturing an image of 
this iconic, cool, old mercantile truck. 

 Heading WAY across town,
I had to get at least one image of the wonderful 
old Los Ranchos de Taos church.
It still had hollyhocks blooming around it.
Beautiful light.

 Here is a winning combo - 
an old blue gate and lots of Virgina Creeper.
I think this is actually an old screen door.

 I made my way to the Taos Pueblo.
I didn't go inside - I just like to drive the road up there
and see what I see.
Here are beautiful fall golden colors.

 Ponies along the road

 A nice remembrance of someone...

 This is the backyard of the house where I stayed.
I came to get away, de-stress, and clear my head.
And it worked. 
The bees were buzzing around the Russian Sage and
Blue Mist Spirea and magpies were everywhere.

 Speaking of magpies. 
This is my best shot.
The blue of his feathers with the blue of the old door.
And the bell!

 My old truck again with a red tree.

 Hollyhocks on Ledoux Street. 
They look awesome against the backdrop of this cobalt blue door.

 I can't remember if this was Bent street or near the Blumenshein Museum.
Love Miguel Martinez women!

 Okay, who has seen multi-coloredred chile?
I almost bought one of these.
So many different shades.

 The old truck at the Overland Sheepskin Company.
It's been there as long as I can remember.

This horse was telling me to just chill and relax.
Life is good, he said.

Just a few of the unreal jewel colors that make up
Taos, New Mexico in the fall.
I came away inspired and with enough material to last quite a while.

I had taken my painting gear, but forgot gloves and a
carrier to put the finished painting into so I wouldn't get
paint on and in my car. Next time!

I love Taos and can't wait to go back....

Stay tuned for information on my solo exhibition
 at Sumner and Dene Gallery on Friday, November 6, from 5-8pm

Also I will be posting information about "SOUP AND SANTA,"
my fundraiser for NMDOG this week.

Enjoy the fall!

Friday, October 16, 2015

making time...

 Wow, fall is here and I really haven't even noticed.
No, really.
These photos are from the last few year's autumns.
I have buried myself in the studio and tuned everything else out.

 When I am working, especially getting ready
for a big show - everything else goes away.
I don't eat well, I hardly exercise, for sure I don't cook.
I am usually mentally and physically spent by the time for my show.

I sure don't notice the changing of the leaves like I should.

 These are all places right around my neighborhood and in my yard.

 This IS my yard! 
From last year...

 Look at those golden colors!

 So pretty.
Even when leaves are dying, they are simply beautiful.

 This is my backyard.

So, I have made a vow to myself.
No painting this weekend.
(Well, maybe just a small one)

I am on a quest for color.
Fall color, that is.

I'll let you know when I find some...

Sunday, October 04, 2015