Friday, August 26, 2016

business and busyness

Gosh, I have been busy!

Taking a lot of photos these last few weeks.
Gorgeous flower garden

 The Old Church in Corrales.
I don't know why, I am really drawn to Corrales right now.
A group of us are painting there twice a week and it is challenging but fun.

 Hollyhocks in Santa Fe

I went to Santa Fe a couple of weeks to hear Carl Judson speak.
He is the owner of Judson Outfitters and
travels all over America, painting whenever and 
wherever he feels like. Very nice and knowledgeable man!

 Right off of Canyon Road

 Bernalillo on the way home

 There was also a wedding - my oldest
daughter got married. We had a blast!

 Mariachis included

 Back to Corrales
Harvest workers

 Trumpet vine shadows

 Desert willow and the mountains

 Commission I just finished

 Corrales cornfields

 Santa Fe colors

 near Algodones

 North Beach - painting in Corrales

 Sandia mountains starting to light up

 on fire


 from North Beach

 Painting in Corrales

Finished painting

Sorry I haven't had a lot of time to write and post.
Stay tuned for more...

Friday, August 05, 2016

newest painting


It's been a couple of weeks since I have posted a 
150 CHALLENGE painting.

I had my daughter's wedding to attend,
a big art party with 65 guests,
and work on two commissions.

I realized I had better get busy because I have 68 more paintings to go!

This is a view of Taos mountain last year.
It was a beautiful autumn with brilliant fall colors
and luscious mountain shadows.

I am in the planning stages for a upcoming plein air event in Corrales.
probably happening the middle of October.
Corrales is beautiful to paint any time of year,
but fall is the best!
Stay tuned for that information.

Purchase information for the painting above:

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

getting to work

Hi all,

I have been so busy this past month that I didn't even have 
time to blog, and I have really missed it.
Things have slowed down and I have slowly started back to work.

The Art Party was a huge success!
We had sixty-five people for dinner, music, and my Studio Sale.

The music by Mezcla Latina was amazing.

This was our menu:
Fruit, dip, homemade guacamole, chips from Gardunos, green chile chicken enchiladas (also from Gardunos), scrumptious chicken enchiladas from Jillian and Kerry, my first-time-ever Calabacitas enchiladas (yes, you can message me for my recipe), homemade red chile from Dolores, weenie tacos from my Nana (they disappear as soon as they come out of the oven), sopaipillas and honey from El Pinto, and cake (to celebrate Mailia's birthday).

I have to say that I didn't get to eat until 10:30pm 
that night because I was so busy with the Studio Sale.
I had some great deals, my studio was set up like a gallery,
 and I spent the whole evening meeting new friends, 
visiting with old, and selling quite a few paintings.

I didn't even have a chance to take any photos.
I am definitely already thinking about next year and  
how to make the event more special.
And I will have an assistant for sure.

So on to what's new:

I still have sixty 150 CHALLENGE paintings to complete.
That means I have painted ninety challenge paintings.
I have sold forty-three paintings, which is amazing.
Thanks you to all who have purchased and supported this project.

I may have another one day Open Studio
to celebrate the end of the 150 CHALLENGE SHOW.

I am also in the planning stages for an October
group plein Air Event in Corrales.
I will post more when I have a few more concrete ideas and artists.
I love Corrales, especially in the fall,
and a plein event is just so much fun!

Right now I am working on two commissions.
The first is a 9x12" surprise for someone so I'm not
going to post until it has been finished and delievered.

The other commission is a large 24x36" painting
of a wild poppy garden (my favorite kind).

Here is the reference photo from one of my paintings:

The canvas has toned in my orange red, my favorite.

The initial loose sketch, with paint
All I'm looking for are placement for the poppies
and lines delineating background changes of color and pattern.

 I love this brand new grey palette paper and the new "worms" of color.

My palette:  titanium white, cad yellow light, cad medium light, cad orange, cad red light, napthol red, alizarin crimson, permanent rose, quinacridone magenta, raw sienna, burnt sienna, violet grey, dioxazine purple, cad green, sap green, cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, asphaltum, prussion blue

I use this palette for all studio painting and a pared down version
for my plein air work.

Blocking in the darks

Placing the biggest flowers
Painting to me is like working on a puzzle,
Fitting colors next to each other, filling in tiny spaces.
What a wonderful way to spend my days...

This is the initial block in.

There will be quite a bit of knife texture at the end,
 which reminds me, I better get busy!

I hope you all have a wonderful August.
I can't believe it's almost September
 and you know what that means?
Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!!!
My favorite times of year!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Party Time!


My studio really does look like an art gallery today.
I cleared out some big easels and other bulky things
and I never realized my studio was actually this big.

I have ordered food, made food (am still making food),
my band is ready and will be coming early to set up
and relax before playing almost two hours for my guests.

We have 65 people on the guest list.

I have quite a few paintings available:

150 Challenge paintings
plein air paintings
palette knife paintings,
and more.

I will take pics of the party
 and I also have a surprise for my online
viewers next week - 
Details to follow.

I will be doing quite a bit of plein air painting
the rest of the year.
I really want to build up a good inventory of plein air work.
Taos, Abiquiu, Chimayo, Tuchas, here I come!

I plan on working on a series of small figures and nudes.

Also, want to start a local women's art collective
 for support and collaborative exhibition opportunites.

Life is full and have a blessed day!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Art Party is almost here!


Hi all,
I am starting to get ready for my upcoming Art Party.

The menu is planned, the food is ordered or being made.

There will be fruit, dip, chips, guacamole, beans, red chile, weenie tacos, 
chicken green chile enchiladas, calavacita enchiladas, 
sopaipillas with honey and cake!

Mezcla Latina will be here with their groovy sound and
the studio sale paintings are almost ready for view.

If you are on the list to attend, please message me on facebook or email me at to get directions.

I look forward to seeing you all!
The 150 Challenge is not finished yet,
but we are celebrating anyway! 

Thursday, June 30, 2016


Well, here I am , working away on the
150 Challenge paintings.
Will I ever finish?

My Art Party is coming up and i would like to be done, 
but I'm not sure I'm going to make it.

To see all of the completed paintings,

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

new paintings

My two newest 150 Challenge paintings

I am in the zone now.
I don't see how I can finish by July 17,
but I am not giving up!



New Mexico landscapes are just the best subjects to paint. 

For Purchase Information, 

Monday, June 27, 2016

new paintings

The paintings are coming fast and furious!
I don't know if I will finish on time, 
but I'm sure trying.

To see the new paintings and all of the
completed 150 Challenge Show paintings,

Sunday, June 26, 2016

two new Challenge paintings

For those artists who have never painted square paintings,
you're missing something!

I love squares.
They are zen.
They are symmetrical.

The composition in these paintings has to be good.
There is no way to hide a sloppy sketch in a square.

I have several more of these 8x8s already sketched 
and may work on them today.



For Purchase Information on these paintings,

Saturday, June 25, 2016

two new challenge paintings

Two new Challenge Paintings

I have started painting from the 90+ photos I chose to complete  
the 150 Challenge Show paintings.

Picking those images always gets me very motivated and inspired to work.

I'm a little behind schedule!

I want to finish the last Challenge painting
 on the day of my upcoming Art Party,
which means I have got to paint multiple paintings per day.

Oh well, they say that what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. 
I believe that.
I should be pretty darn strong by the end of this one.

The Art Party is almost full.



For Purchase Information and to see
all of the completed 150 Challenge Show paintings,