Monday, May 25, 2015

upcoming events


I have two cool and exciting shows coming up!


Come and join us, this is going to be fun!
I have 22 paintings in the show!

8x8" oil on panel 
This painting will be in the Sumner and Dene show



8x10" oil on panel

Bad News - The Corrales Garden Tour is sold out.
You will miss seeing myself and 13 other artists
painting these beautiful gardens.


There will be an exhibition at the Old Corrales Church
of all of the finished paintings!

Tuesday, June 9, 10am - 2pm
Wednesday, June 10, 10am - 5pm

Plus, we will all have paintings of the old Corrales Church 
available for purchase during the show, including the one above.

I hope you will come to the exhibition to hang out,
look at all of the great art, and maybe find something you love!
Any questions, call me at 505-792-1030.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

flower poetry

 I am itching to take a day trip and haven't been able to.
So any chance I get, I take these little short photo excursions around my neighborhood.

Today I went up Guadalupe Trail. 
It's a street full of beautiful adobes, large and small, old and new.
And some people have really pretty flowers.

I also saw a mama horse and her little baby.
Mama was getting nuzzled.

 Oh, Georgia - if you could only see these!
I think poppies are in my top three of beautiful flowers.

 These are all in one beautiful yard.
I didn't want to get out of my car, 
so I pulled up the wrong way on the quiet street
and shot out of my car window.

Isn't this a gorgeous iris?
If I would've come about five days earlier, I would've gotten all of the blooms.

 Poppies and roses

  This is pink roses, yellow yarrow, a gorgeous purple and white iris,
and orange iris. Really, orange?
Never seen one of those in person before.

 This is Mr. Giraffe. At least that's what I call him.
I've photographed him in various stages of fashion ensembles.
He must be getting ready for Memorial Day.
Might dapper, Mr. Giraffe!

 This might be my favorite photo pf the whole group.
Those poppies are so up close and personal.
The sun is shining right through them and there are
lots of little spots of color in the background.
This will be fun to paint, especially with a knife!

 Another view

 Lots of beautiful color in this one!
Reds, pinks, yellows. magenta, purples, and oranges.
Wow, this is wonderful.
I would like to drop a chair right in there
and hang out for a while.

 Hollyhocks with some catmint or lavender in the background

A saint inside a tree.
Can anyone tell me who this is?
I hope you enjoyed my trip through the flower fields!

Next week?
Painting churches and a day trip to Abiquiu.
And getting my gear ready for the Corrales Garden Tour paint-out!

Saturday, May 23, 2015


 I went on another studio cleaning spree yesterday -
 I ended up with one full trash bag of garbage to take out!
Now I just need to have an artist's sale and get rid of all of my art books
and extra canvas that I'm not going to use.

 I really need to paint that big canvas.
It's been in the studio for a while.
It blocks my view of the French door and my art books.
I guess I'm putting it off because I don't
want to think about all of the oil paint I'll be using,
especially if I use a knife!

 I went through ALL of my oil paints and squeezed them all to the top.
The ones to the left are tubes that are almost empty.
I'm going to bag those up and save them until I run out of a color.

 I am going to paint my studio this summer.
I am looking for a light green/grey.
This looks really pretty on the sample, 
but reads kind of dark in the studio.
I'm going to try a couple more before I decide.

 My newest little palette knife paintings.
They bring me a lot of joy!
I can't wait to get out in the landscape and see how I do with a knife.

 These are RayMar panels. 
I love their texture.
Triple primed linen.
The small ones on the left are Mona Lisa Speedball - I think.

 Okay, this is my 9 year old baby Roy Boy.
 Roy Boy got sick a couple of days ago.
He started just pacing around and panting a lot.
He didn't want to lay down either.
He spent two days at the vet getting bloodwork, xrays, and an ultrasound.
All his tests came back okay, except his spleen is enlarged,
and he was high on a couple of blood things.
He is shaved from the ultrasound and not real happy about it.
He has four meds - two antibiotics, an anti-inflamatory, and a pain pill.
His pill schedule looks like a spread sheet.
He is quite a bit better today.
It's kind of a wait-and-see thing.
He has to go back for a reassessment next week.
Such a good nine year old boy.
He has hardly ever been sick.

 This is Roy when he was a puppy.
So dang cute!
He was rescued from the City Shelter.

He likes to lay in the house with his nose pointing into my studio.
I guess so he can keep a sleepy eye on me.

 He used to love to lay around the cool water bowl in the summer.
I'm surprised he didn't lay IN the water.

 Okay, not even going to try to explain this!
I will see if I can find a good video of him to post.

 Since we've been at the vet for two days, and I've been working, 
I haven't even looked at the yard.
This rose bush is so pretty.
I love these runaways....

  I don't care what it is - you put it in front of an adobe wall - IT LOOKS GOOD.

 My poor birds, they probably hate me.
Their feeders are empty
 and their birdbath looks like a beautiful swamp.
I will remedy that this weekend.

 Another beautiful wild rose again the adobe wall

 This bush is so pretty, does anyone know what it's called?
Tons of little yellow flowers....

 These roses are right outside my studio door.
The heavy rain we had a couple of days ago really did a number
on the large heavy ones in full bloom.
They are just hanging over.
But these opening buds are beautiful.

 So pretty in the sun

 One of the (seems like) millions of lizards we have hanging around on our land.
He is actually pretty small, but I cropped out everything else and he looks HUGE.
I may have to paint him.

My Japanese Maple outside the studio.
I found this cool wind chime new at Savers with the tag still on. Score!

Coming up on Friday, June 5, is the GARDEN SHOW at
Sumner and Dene Gallery located at 517 Central NW, Albuquerque, NM, 87102.
I an an invited artist and will have 22 palette knife paintings in the show!
Join us from 5-8pm for the Artist Reception.

Next up is the Corrales Garden Tour Paint Out coming up
on Sunday, June 7, from 9am - 4pm.
Join me as I paint on location at six beautiful different gardens!
An exhibition and show will follow.

After that - new paintings and lots of plein air painting!
Thanks for watching....

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

new daily painting


A New Mexico thunderstorm.
Nothing else like it in the world.
Majestic and magnificent!

This was so fun to paint. 
Lots of rich color and thick texture.
Can you feel the raindrops?

To purchase, click the Paypal button below.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

new small paintings

oil on panel

 This scene is one of my favorites.
As you come out of the mountain pass, coming into Taos,
you have the most beautiful view of the Rio Grande Gorge, 
the Taos mountains, and sunflowers in full bloom.

It never fails to take my breath away.
I often wish I lived at this spot just so I could see the sunrises
and sunsets surrounding that whole area.

This painting is painted with a palette knife
and is thick and juicy.
Click on the painting to enjoy the texture.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dee's 365 Day Weight Loss Challenge - join us!

 I know this post really doesn't have anything to do with art, 
but to me, Life is Art,
and I wanted to share this part of my life with you
in case you might want to join up and follow along.

I am starting a new group on facebook,
Dee's 365 Day Weight Loss Challenge.
It's not only about weight, but about living healthy.
About being a little more selfish and taking time to do 
the things we really need to do to stay healthy and live a longer life.

 I am posting pics of myself in a random order.
These were all the images I had on my computer.
In our family, I am always the "picture taker,"
the one who is usually behind the camera, 
not in front of it. 
This was at my daughter's wedding (almost 5 years ago).

 My look has not changed too dramatically over the years,
except for the added weight. And a few wrinkles.
This was at my very first 150 Challenge show. maybe in 2010.

 This one I took just two weeks ago so I would have a new profile picture.

 This is me in front of one of my large lined paintings,
probably 2011.

 With actor John Corbett at a local art show.

 One of my postcards - this is for an online 145 Challenge show I did in 2013.
The photo was taken out in Placitas.

 Working on a fiberglass balloon for Balloon Fiesta.
I loved this project!
 Chilling out in Chimayo.

In front of the old gas pump in Chimayo.

 Working on a large demo at a local show.
One of my collectors took this photo of my backside.
Not very flattering.

 My old profile picture - liked this one.

 I used this one as a headshot for a long time.
Everyone said I looked angry.

 Painting on by the Rio Chama.
Oh, how I would love to do this every day!

 Acting silly.

 Um, why did I hold these two cups right in front of my boobs?
Mugs I designed for the 2012 Balloon Fiesta.

 One morning when I was in a sleepy and selfie mood.

 Bosque del Apache 

 When my husband and I first started dating - 1972 maybe.

 With my Auntie Frances, about five years ago.

 My daughter when she graduated acupuncture college.

 In front of Abiquiu Lake

 At Ghost Ranch

 With my cousin Goldie and Lou Diamond Phillips at an art event.

 With Stevem Michael Quezada at an art event.

 On my wedding day - 1977 

 On my honeymoon in Hawaii.
 In Taos, probably 1980

 Being pensive and mysterious, probably 1980.

In Kansas City, probably 1978.

The reason I posted all of these photos is to say that all of these pics of me - ARE OKAY. REALLY OKAY.
There are no bad ones or good ones, only different ones.
I have done a lot of cool things, and been to a lot of cool places.
And in some of the pics where I am heavier, I am actually happier.
But my body is not.
It's telling me to get the weight off now.
To eat healthier, to exercise, to stretch, to weight train, 
to meditate. to get the pressure off of my knees.

I invite you to join me on my year long quest - to find myself again.

And these pics will remain up for a few days only - 
onto bigger ( or smaller) and better things....