Tuesday, January 09, 2024

5-24 my impression of tulips


10X10" oil

Tonight I wanted to push the paint around.

No sketching, just go!

It looks sort of whimsical and I really tried my best 

not to make the painting looked fully formed and representational.

Message me for purchase information.

What do you think?

Monday, January 08, 2024

3-4 taos mountain with snow


8X10" oil on panel

One of my favorite places on earth!

4-24 hidden retreat


10x10" oil on panel

Can you tell that I'm wishing for spring?

Our highs are in the 30s for the next few days.

And that cold bites you to the bone!

The painting above is one of my favorite scenes.

A wild flower garden in a sedate adobe that 

can only be seen from the back yard.

I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, January 06, 2024

2-24 in full bloom

10X8" oil

I love painting like this.
Just big jumbles of chaotic flowers.
When it works, it feels like magic.

This looks like an English country garden, but
could be any garden in New Mexico.

I didn't get in the studio until after 6pm
and had no expectations.
Just create something as a warm up
for when I really start work.
I'm glad I did!

I hope you love it!
All of the work I'm creating is available for purchase.
If you're interested, leave a comment and I will
message you with more information.
Tomorrow, it might be an ornament!

P.S. I slow-swam for half an hour and ate 
half a Subway for lunch!

Friday, January 05, 2024

new year, new goals


New Goals!

Wow, I can't believe it's already 2024!

2023 was just okay, if I'm being honest.

Lots of good times. A fantastic Art Party!

A 78 6x6" painting challenge.

Now, that was lots of fun!

A couple of group shows at Weems Gallery.

Several commissions.

Anyway, I have been brainstorming about what

 kinds of art-related endeavors I want to pursue in 2024.

 Here goes:

1. Some kind of painting Challenge
2. 100 paintings in 100 days
3. Another September Art Party
4. An Art Retreat at my home
5. Plein air Workshops
6. A new Series - Figures, Women and Animals,
Gardens, Still Lifes, Nudes
7. Large Plein air Paintings
8. Hang out with other Artists
9. A Weekend Studio Tour
10. Lots of day trips
11. A couple of fundraisers
12. Artists Show and collaboration
13. Canyon Women in Clay
14. Making jewelry, coasters, keychains
15. Make more reels and videos
16. Get to know my "TRIBE" better!
17. Just have FUN!

I'm sure this list will narrow itself down
until it's manageable.

May we all reach our goals and have a great time!

And may your 2024 be full of peace.

P.S. In the last three years, I have lost 79.6 pounds
and have about 46 pounds to go!


Wednesday, February 15, 2023


6X6" oil. $85, shipping included

I love aspens. 
They are regal, fragile, and beautiful.

To purchase, send your name and email address 

along with the title of the painting to:


 I will send you a Paypal invoice


6x6" oil

A lovely, thick, juicy painting!

To purchase, send your name and email address 

along with the title of the painting to:


 I will send you a Paypal invoice




6X6" oil $85, shipping included

I want to sit by this stream with a blanket and a good book.

To purchase, send your name and email address 

along with the title of the painting to:


 I will send you a Paypal invoice


#1 "SUNNY DAY" $85

6x6" oil

I'm starting off with a sunflower today.
Can you tell I am ready for spring?

To purchase, send your name and email address 

along with the title of the painting to:


 I will send you a Paypal invoice


BEAUTIFUL CHAOS - My newest Challenge!

My newest Challenge is here!

    BEAUTIFUL CHAOS is a daily (or almost daily) painting

    Challenge. The paintings are all 6x6" oils painted on   

    thin wood panels that are gessoed and sanded.

    Each panel is $85 and includes free shipping.

    You may purchase by clicking on the Paypal

    link under each painting.

    I hope you will follow along and enjoy the journey!

Monday, October 03, 2022

SOLD iris queen


 10x8" acrylic

$135 includes shipping



I'm back!

Wow, I haven't posted here since August,

that's crazy.

There's been a lot of stuff going on, and truthfully,

I haven't been that inspired.

But then....Fall arrived!

Cool mornings, cloudy days, balloons,

leaves falling, pumpkin cookies, etc.

So hopefully, I am back in the groove

and will be posting regularly.

I will be painting at Weems Gallery this 

Saturday, October 8, from 12noon-2pm

Come by and visit me!

Lots of exciting work coming,

maybe even a few ornaments....

Friday, August 05, 2022

taking time

9x12" oil

Hi everyone.
I have had some serious knee and leg issues lately 
that have stopped me in my tracks. 

I haven't painted anything in almost two months. 

I am really fatigued and have a primary doctor
appointment in a week or so. 
All of the bloodwork, x-rays, etc.
And an orthopaedic surgeon appointment in 
early September.
I haven't wanted to go anywhere because
of Covid, but I guess it's time.

So anyway, I decided I'd better get in the studio
and DO SOMETHING. Anything.
My paints were kind of tacky, so I figured
I would get out the old palette knife and just play.
And that's what I did.

I want to start a project but am not sure 
what's coming up in the future.
I haven't entered any shows because I just 
don't have the energy.

Even plein air painting - it seems
like too much energy and trouble.

So please bear with me.
I will be back in full force and 
I thank you for your support!

This painting is available HERE.


Tuesday, January 25, 2022

how many weeks until spring?

Back to work this week!

Here is the first "LET'S PAINT NEW MEXICO!" 
Challenge image of 2022.
Rolling hills with a nice plateau and mountains
in the background.
I finished mine and it doesn't really
look too much like the original,
but that's okay!

This is the Challenge image.

This is my version:
"HOMESTEAD" 8x10" oil

This is a commission I am working on right now.

This is another commission. 

I am painting a replica of the Los Ojos Bar in Jemez.

These are my newest Bluebird drawings

(soon to become paintings):

An earth mama animal lover 


A women tending the fields with her children

Oh, and did you see that Chiefs game??
What a game.
My heart almost stopped at 13 seconds.
And again at the end.
Whew. Coming in hard on Sunday!

Bella pretty much slept through it all.

We were even lighting candles near the end!

AND, my newest gift to myself.
I love this artist, my absolute favorite.
They say that this dvd is brilliant.
I can't wait to find out.
I'm going to take my time and savor it!

I will offer a review in the future.

What are you guys doing this week?


Thursday, January 20, 2022

new day...new start!

Is finally here.
I don't know whether to be happy or sad.

I spent most of 2021
driving around in my car,
taking tons of photos and
painting using my steering wheel easel.
I wanted to paint with groups but just wasn't feeling safe yet.

Painting at a marigold farm in Corrales

I painted a few times with my friend Barbara Clark and I 
took a three day trip to Taos to paint
and participate in a show at Wilder Nightingale.

That was a nice rest,
but it felt kind of weird staying in a hotel by myself.
But also nice.
I will probably do something of that sort
again this year.

I have been working on my "FLY AWAY BLUEBIRDS" project too.
All 8x10s with acrylic and lines.
Here are a few:

I have really missed writing my blog.
I posted paintings mostly to facebook and instagram.
I sold a lot of paintings through the new 
and beautiful Weems Gallery and sold quite a few 
pieces online.
I painted ornaments. I didn't go crazy,
only 35, but I was tired at the end of December.

My plans for this year are:
Swimming in the swim spa
Working out
Maybe doing an art collaboration
Hanging with the grandkiddos
Doing some sort of service project
Organizing, and purging 
Writing in this blog three times a week


 I will also be working on my health.
I have worked on my eating for the last two years
 and have lost 66 pounds.
I still have a few to go,
but I know I can do it.

And to start off the year right, 

 If you want to follow me as I
start my crazy journey in 2022,
follow along on the right hand side
 of this blog, or drop me an email.
And as always, comments are
welcome and encouraged!

Wednesday, January 05, 2022


 The first new painting of 2022!

This is part of my "FLY AWAY BLUEBIRDS" project.