Saturday, August 22, 2015


 I took a little trip to Corrales today to scout out painting sites.
I came across some beautiful subjects that I wanted to share with you.

 Beautiful sunflowers!
With an equally beautiful grey/blue background.
This will make a beautiful painting.

 This is the old Corrales church.
I posted a pic of it getting "remudded" a few weeks ago. Scaffolding everywhere.
When they removed the top layer of plaster,
they realized it had more damage than originally thought. The adobe was quite worn away in places.
They finished it though, and it looks fantastic.
Much softer and a little lighter than the old version.

 I got on a kick of finding "hidden " things.
The first is a very cool old truck.
I wish he was out in the open.

 A sunflower with a bumble bee hiding.
Well, maybe not hiding so much.
He was bending the stem over.

 A hidden gate.
I wish this was at my house.
I love it!

 A beautiful butterfly bush.
I saw butterflies hovering, 
but they were hiding in my photo.

 A cute little stuffed cow on  a mailbox.
The cow is not hidden, but the mail is.

 There is nothing hidden here that I can see.
But I think about the history of this house - 
who lived here? Why is it empty?
I'd like to know.
And look how blue the Sandias look!

 The mercado full of flowers and red chile ristras.
Beautiful things are hidden inside those walls!

 The acequia is almost hidden by the sunflowers!
Native sunflowers are rampant in New Mexico now.
Especially in Corrales.

And last, but not least:

This exhibit will be a beautiful showing of 160 plein air paintings by forty artists
who are painting Corrales this week.
Come and see them!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

new small paintings

 New Small Paintings
Please click on the images to enlarge

oil on panel

I LOVE this painting!
The dreamy quality just speaks to me.
Maybe I should paint under nighttime studio light more often!
oil on panel

I am seeing sunflowers all over Albuquerque right now.
This is actually an image from a trip that some of
my collector friends took to Tuscany, Italy.

If you are interested in either of these paintings, please email
me at

Saturday, August 08, 2015

gimme shelter

Oh my gosh, turn up your sound
and feel the soul!

Friday, August 07, 2015

newest painting - please click on the painting to enlarge

oil on gallery wrap canvas

The newest painting for my upcoming solo show
in November at Sumner and Dene gallery.

Windows are challenging to paint!
To read more about this painting,
please click HERE
or go to

Thursday, August 06, 2015

new painting for "PAINTING THE NORTH"

oil on gallery wrap canvas

My newest painting for the upcoming show
in November at Sumner and Dene Gallery.

To read more about this painting, please click HERE.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

two new paintings for November

Please click on paintings to enlarge



I have worked hard on these two paintings for
the Sumner and Dene show in November.

If you would like to read more about them, please click


oil on panel

Whenever I want to get away for a day trip,
my number one choice is Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch.

The hills, the colors, the hoodoos!

If you look up "hoodoos" on wikipedia,
you can find out how hoodoos were created in the landscape.

I love this painting!
You may purchase this painting by contacting Sumner and Dene
Gallery HERE.
Also, I have some new paintings on my blog,
for my upcoming November show at Sumner and Dene Gallery.
To see the new paintings, click HERE.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


oil on canvas

This painting is done from an image taken when I was cruising 
down the main street of Taos, New Mexico, one late afternoon.

The fading light on the hollyhocks was beautiful.

I did quite a bit of using paint to cut into the flowers. 
My favorite part of the painting are the tiny bits of Old Holland's Violet Grey 
in the shadows of the largest flower.

This painting is included in my November show at Sumner and Dene Gallery,
You may view the completed paintings HERE.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

day trip adventures

 I wanted  to take a day trip last Sunday.
I've really been craving a trip up north for the longest time and Sunday 
seemed like the perfect day. 
I invited my friend Carol Hopper, who is also an artist.
Carol came over early and we stocked up with waters,
snacks, chairs, our cameras, and a little booklet called something like 
Day Trips in New Mexico

Our first stop was Chimayo and we forgot one thing,
on Sunday it's crowded up there!
Mass was going on so there was absolutely no parking available.
I didn't need to have church pics, 
but Carol hopped out and took a few.

 Art galleries were open, people were selling tamales and chile
and business was really cooking!
Except at Rancho de Chimayo - they closed from 11 - 11:30am
to do the breakfast/lunch changeover, so we missed out. 
We decided to keep going on and eat further up the road.

 We saw this cool old car in a driveway and I was
also attracted to the old Coca-Cola sign.
Are these things from the 1950's?

 We both fell in love with this pretty old gate!
Is this Robin's Egg Blue?
I HAVE to paint this!

 A pretty bright sunflower next to the coffee shop sign.
Love the old adobe wall.

 The old gift shop/store with my favorite old gas pump.
I've never noticed this Russian sage bush before.
Probably because I usually come in the fall or winter.

 My one and only photo of Chimayo taken through an old archway.
Everything is SO green right now.
It was really lush.
 A woman selling Indian bread.
I'm definitely painting her.
I love how relaxed she is.
And I think she's using a tablet. Progress....
 I take a pic of this old yellow truck with a broken windshield
every time I come up here.
The sun hit the crack in the windshield spot on today!

 This was up around Cundiyo and Truchas.
Beautiful stream.
 Old school way to dry clothes.
The way both of my grandmothers used to do it.

 Beautiful hollyhocks along the way.

 Look at that greenness!
I don't think I've ever seen fields and valleys in New Mexico this green.

 This is an old adobe near Truchas.
What attracted me were the shingles.
They were red and green and we saw the same color
 and pattern in several small villages - which makes me think 
that they ordered a big supply back in the day and
everyone got some.
Maybe there was a surplus.

 Thunderclouds in the distance.
This was in Truchas, where I would live if I truly wanted solitude.

 The wildflowers in Truchas were just gorgeous!
The pics don't do them justice,
you really had to be there.

 An old beaten down adobe.
I try to imagine what kind of family lived here
and what happened to them.....

 Mountains and clouds in the distance.
I believe the Milagro Beanfield War was filled here or in Las Trampas.
This scenery made me want to see the movie again.

 Old bell of some sort.
We thought maybe a school bell.

 Cool old house near Truchas.
This house is SO northern New Mexico with the pitched roof   
and the wrap-around porch.

 The valley around Truchas.
Some houses here are perched on the edge of a cliff.

 A mural on the way to Los Trampas.
Carol says, "You could paint this."
So could she, she's an artist too!

 Carol at the Look Out point near Truchas Peaks..

 Little houses.

 I took photos of several descansos.
I love painting them and they are sacred to me.

 More beautiful descansos.

 Oh man, we finally found food!
Let me tell you - I had read about the Sugar Nymph Bistro
in several magazines and I am so glad we found it in Penasco.
The green chile cheeseburger is to die for.
And the warm scones.....

Our last stop of the day - Dixon, New Mexico.
If you look closely, you can see Pedernal in the background,
which is all the way in Abiquiu.
We were only 23 miles from Taos at this point.

A wonderful day, and lots of images for reference.
Thanks Carol!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

9 about the iris

oil on panel
Please click on the image to enlarge

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love iris.
I spent my youth living next to my grandmother and playing 
in the iris beds was my favorite past time.

I love their regal beauty, their softness,
their smell, their hardiness, and how easy they are to grow.
This is my impressionistic version of an iris bed.
Click on the link below for purchase information.

Oh, and to see painting #49 "FAR AWAY' 
for my upcoming show at Sumner and Dene, please click HERE.

To inquire about this painting,
please contact Sumner and Dene Gallery HERE.

Friday, July 24, 2015

meditation woes


I am a person who meditates.

I've been meditating on and off for forty years. 
I can't believe I just said that - FORTY years!

Anyway, back in 1975, my boyfriend (now my husband) and I
went to a TM class, which stands for Transendental Meditation.

 The people giving the workshop at the local bank
seemed to be full of light and enlightenment.
They were happy and talked about all of the benefits of meditation;
how good it could make you feel, etc.

Just one thing - you had to have your own personal mantra
which is a sanskrit word picked just for you.
That's the word you are supposed to say or think while you are meditating.
They claimed that this word would be only for you and was your special word.
They seemed to imply that you couldn't meditate without that word.

Now, the only downside that I could see to this process
is that it cost MONEY to get that word.
Yep, you have to pay to get a made up word.

And back in 1975, we were young,
renting an apartment, and buying groceries was a big deal.
We didn't have x amount of dollars to pay for meditation. 

SO, I made up my own word.
Actually, I didn't even make it up.
It's already a word!
 I can't tell you what it is because then I would lose my enlightenment status.

Fast forward to 2015:
I still use the same word.
I've tried using other words but they just don't feel right. 

I haven't meditated for over three months.
The reasons? 
Lots of things; work, grandbabies, other things to do, etc.

But I really needed to get back to it, so I started this morning.

For those of you who have never meditated, I am going
to give you a crash course.
I'm going to show you how I meditate.
If you choose to follow this path - well, that's up to you.

Here goes.....
I wake up this morning and am still in my bathrobe.
I sit down in a comfy leather recliner in the corner of the living room.
I put a certain couch pillow behind my back to make me sit up straighter 
 but still be comfortable. It has to be THAT couch pillow.
Mo other pillow will do.
I set my meditation app on my phone for 35 minutes.
I start the timer and it has a nice "gong" ring sound to it.

I adjust my body, my hair, my feet, and start to concentrate on
my breathing. Just a little bit. In and out.
Then I notice a sound - tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.
I realize that i have not removed the wall clock from the kitchen that
ticks like a TIME BOMB when I am trying to be silent.

I remove it, put it in the laundry room,
 and return to my chair and reset the timer.
The I realize something else.
I  started the laundry earlier, and man, is that washer LOUD.
I get up, stop the laundry, sit back down, and restart the timer.

Then, I see Bella, our needy little Lab, laying near the patio doors,
staring in at me, because she has not been fed her BREAKFAST.
Well, neither have I honey, so you're going to have to wait.

I set the timer again, and while I am breathing out,
I can feel a loose hair tickling my nose.
I try to blow it off my face without opening my eyes,
but it's not going anywhere.
I open my eyes. move all of my hair away from my face.
I readjust myself and set the timer. Again.

I start to notice my breathing, nice and slow.
I start thinking my word in my mind.
Over and over, softly. Relaxing.
My word is two syllables, so I think the first syllable on breathing in, and
the second one on breathing out.

Then thoughts begin to flood in - 
I have to get this painting done for this show.
I have to get ready for acupuncture as soon as I'm done.
I want to organize my closet this afternoon
Did I pay that bill?

Okay, I will admit this happens often, 
especially when you first start your meditation practice.
And it's okay to think all of those thoughts.
Just think them and then go back to your word.
Wet the tip of your finger and put it right between your eyes.
The wetness hits the air and cools you off right in that spot.
This actually helps you focus. 

So, that's basically it.
You just think your word, breathe, thoughts flood in,
think them, thoughts flood out, breathe....
And, soon, if you're consistent
 (no matter how hard that is - maybe 5-20 minutes is all you can handle),

You may realize that you hear sounds around you
but you are totally at peace and calm.
Your body feels like a living, breathing system of smoothly working parts.
Your beathe comes without effort and thought.
You are doing it!

Soon - maybe your blood pressure becomes lower.
Maybe you don't lose your temper as much.
Maybe you are more aware of the beauty of life that goes on around you.
I think I could easily meditate for an hour, maybe two, if I wanted to.
But life gets in the way and I will settle for 35 minutes a day.
Or ten minutes a day.
And some days - not at all. I just can't get to it.

But whether I do or I don't,
I need to remember to live in the moment, be present,
and tomorrow is another day. 

Happy Meditating!

P.S. There are many books on how to start a meditation 
practice at your local bookstore or places like