Monday, June 28, 2021

recent painting excursions

Little Excursions Close To Home

Since I'm trying to blog every other day,
I thought I would share some images
from Corrales, the vineyards, 
and a lovely private garden near the mountains.

This is an old house in Corrales.
It's kind of slowly falling over.
I always wonder about who lived there, what their life 
was like, etc.
I've never painted it, but I will one of these days.

My palette knife painting from the vineyards.
Lots of texture on this one.

This is a view of the vineyards gardens overlooking 
the Sandia mountains

Rose garden at Casa Perea in Corrales

More rose garden. Love that archway!

Yellow and orange roses

An orange beauty

 The rose garden 

 Roses with archway

Water droplets on rose

 Old church in Old Town. I went looking for hollyhocks.

  Found some!

I also found a guitarist!


These will make a lovely painting!

Mexican Hat

Lilacs and flower pot

Beautiful wood carving at the vineyards

Grapevines are flourishing

So this morning I headed up towards the mountains. 
There was a layer of cloud cover.

We painted at this beautiful private garden.
The mountains were just beyond.

My two finished paintings today:

And my scenery on the way back home:

 A lovely and tiring day!
Tomorrow, I am starting a large panting,
so stay tuned...


Wednesday, June 23, 2021

a little plein air

Good morning!
Yesterday I met my friend Barb Clark at a 
beautiful local vineyard.
It was so quiet, no one was there, the birds were chirping,
the breeze was swaying...
I hadn't painted on location since before all
of my tooth issues, so it felt so good just to be outside!

We painted from 9am to about 11am,
then it really started to get hot.

I packed up, came home, ate lunch, and crashed out.
I felt so weak from just that little excursion.

I came away with these two paintings,
which I'm kind of proud of.

The top one is a palette knife piece and the bottom is
just the view of the mountains and flowers all around me.

Today I am working on varnishing and framing some
paintings to take to the gallery.

And I'm making cookies!
And I might go for a soak in the spa.
And I have to take a shower.
Most definitely that!

So I hope you enjoy these two paintings.
Where will my next destination be?


Monday, June 21, 2021

new blog post!

  Hi all,

I know it's been the longest time since I posted on my art blog.

That doesn't mean I've been slacking though!

I have been painting outside, painting inside, having teeth pulled, 
getting a swim spa, and I finally got to hug my grandkids!

I will keep this short and sweet. 
I'm going to try to start posting here every day/every other day, 
even if it's just a photo of a painting I'm working on.

I do love comments and feedback, so feel free.
I have some events coming up and maybe a workshop in the fall.

If you go to my website and browse around, you will see that I have added
a new "ADD TO CART" button.
All of my paintings are priced, and are available online
by putting a painting in your "ADD TO CART" for immediate purchase.

Stay tuned and welcome back!
Click HERE for Dee's website.

Here are some recent paintings I completed:

Abiquiu Overlook area

Los Poblanos area

Tierra Amarilla area

Peony garden

Jemez area