Thursday, March 31, 2016


oil on cradled board

To read about this painting
 and view purchase information, CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


oil on cradled board

My newest 150 Challenge Show painting.
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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

challenges and changes

Hi all,


For the longest time I have dreamed of selling and marketing
 my own work and I am working to make that happen.

 I have a beautiful property full of grass, trees, and space,
that has just been waiting for the right idea.

My goal within the next couple of years is to build 
a large studio/gallery/workshop building at the back of my home.

I want a space where I can have my own big shows, teach workshops,
paint full time, hold art retreats, and have great parties.

I have pulled all of my paintings out of my galleries
(thank you Weems and Sumner and Dene)
and brought them home to my studio.

I have so many plans that I'm still working on
and I will share them with you as they happen.

My first big project of course, is the new 
150 Challenge show, "FACES AND PLACES."

I am creating 150 paintings in 150 days for $150 each.
The Challenge paintings are available now to purchase
through Paypal as soon as they come off of the easel.

Instead of having a show at the end of the Challenge,
I am having a big New Mexican 
  on Sunday, July 17 
under the cottonwood trees in my north valley home.
Great food, music, and more!

 is FREE but you MUST 
CALL or EMAIL me to be included on the guest list.

The party is limited to the first 60 people who register.

I am also having a special STUDIO SALE during
the party and you will be able to see my studio 
and take your pick of many paintings offered with special pricing.

My long range goals are to create a space for my shows,
small intimate weddings, workshops, retreats, 
a meeting space for artist groups, plein air events, 
demonstrations, and possibly even workshops taught by other artists.
I will also have a little store for my greeting cards,
 posters, tote bags, calendars and more.

As you can see, the wheels are turning!
I am filled with excitement at the possibilities.
I may possibly even write a book about the ongoing project.

I hope you will follow along with me.

I hope you will watch the 150 Challenge Show being created
and purchase a painting if you find one that speaks to you.

I think that art makes our world a much more beautiful place.
I think it uplifts people's spirits and makes them appreciate
the creative spirit that exists everywhere.
Art is beautiful and the creative process is awe-inspiring.

So, follow along with me and join the community by signing up
to receive emails on the right side of this page.

For more information about the 150 Challenge and to register
for the free 
you can email me at
or call me at 505-792-1030.

Remember, limited to the first 60 people!

 To see the 150 Challenge show paintings as they are created:

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Corrales is Cool

Hi all,

I went to Corrales Bosque Gallery today to the opening reception of a
BENEFIT SHOW to benefit the Corrales Historical Society's Old Church renovation project
ROCK (Restore Old Church Kindly) fund.
40% of the day's sales will be a tax deductible donation to the Corrales Historical Society.
The show runs through June 14, 2016.

 The first thing that caught my eye was this beautiful painting 
by my friend Barbara Clark.
Barbara paints on a black surface and this painting is just wonderful and whimsical.

 I also saw this cool old car/truck in front of the gallery.
It has a handmade license plate that says, "Artists live in Corrales."
Well of course they do!

 This scene was down a little dirt road.
I envisioned a bunch of artists gathering here after a long day 
of plein air painting and just hanging out, watching the sunset.

 This is an old place with a wonderful view of the Sandia mountains at midday.

 Up close and personal view of some kind of blossoming tree against a fence.
Maybe I will go back in a week to take another photo after they have opened.

 chamisa against a latilla wall

 Whoa, this forsythia was brilliant gold yellow today.
This would make a pretty painting.

 An old old house with lots of character.
Why all the stumps?

 My favorite irrigation gate and ditch.
Something about it just makes me want to get on a tractor and plant things.

 Oh wait, there's an empty tractor just waiting for me!
Darn it, he already plowed.

 There's that forsythia in the bright sunlight.
I even think this would make a nice abstract painting.
I love the way the branches curve downward in the middle.

 A pretty adobe with blue window and forsythia

 Then I meandered over to Los Poblanos.
I was going to the farm store but they have it closed off.
Evidently they are building a farm-to-table restaurant there.
Now THAT should be amazing.
And probably expensive.

 The actual farm buildings

While I was in Corrales, my husband opened up the irrigation and flooded the yard. 
Yep, spring is REALLY here now!

 This is Roy.
He HATES water of any kind and hates to get his feet wet.
Except drinking.
He looks a little cautious.

 Water coming around the side

 This is Bella.
She LOVES water.
She knows when Mac is going to open the gate and she waits right by it.
Her ears are up and alert!
 As soon as the water comes out, she tried to chase it and gallops 
along ahead of it. She bounds through it just like a deer.
I don't know if you can tell, but she is wet from the chest down.

 Another view

 This is the small ditch running along the inside of our property.
All of the fruit trees are being watered.

 The crabapple trees are in full bloom now.

 Beautiful shade

 Roy says, "NOPE. No water for me. I am staying here where it's dry."
Roy is 10 years old and very smart.

Oh, and these were the two things I bought at the gallery.
An miniature encaustic piece titled, 'PEARLS" by Dianna Shoemaker

and a digital photograph by Elzbieta Kaleta titled "ADOBE RESIDENT."

This is the first "anything" I've ever bought that has a crow or raven in it.
So I am helping the Corrales church
 and enriching my walls with this beautiful work.

Now I have to actually make some art myself!
To watch the 150 CHALLENGE SHOW being created,
click on the new blog HERE.

Friday, March 18, 2016


           FACES                                                                                                                      PLACES


150 CHALLENGE 2016


A Cool Online Only Challenge
Dee Sanchez
150 paintings in 150 days for $150 each
Challenge is now live and ends with a party on Sunday, July 17, 2016
Watch and follow along as the paintings are created at:
Paintings are only available online at
Paintings are purchased fresh off the easel through Paypal
Paintings are 8x8" or 8x10" oil on cradled board
Sunday, July 17, 2016, 2-4pm
Visit Dee's studio ~ Enjoy wonderful food and music
under the cottonwoods at Dee's north valley home
 Limited to 60 people - must call or email to get on list
More information, Dee 505-792-1030

Hi all,
Here are the details for my new 150 CHALLENGE SHOW!

~ I start painting again on Monday and posting the paintings
 as soon as they are created.

~ Each painting is $150 and will have a Paypal BUY NOW button 
underneath the painting. You may purchase immediately.

~ Postcards go out in a couple of weeks.

~ Each painting will be shipped as soon as it is dry to the touch
 and varnished, usually about two weeks.

~At the end of the show, we will have a huge party at my house, 
complete with music, food, and fun. 
You must call or email to get on the list of attendees.

That's it - wish me luck and I hope to finish all 150
by the time the party arrives!


Saturday, March 12, 2016

a little Saturday beauty

I ventured outside this morning for the first time in a couple of weeks.
Sickness has been keeping me inside under the blankets and
wow, spring has sprung! I really had not noticed.

I'm still not feeling great but I am making myself 
work this afternoon.
Even if I only tone some canvases.

So after feeding the dogs, I took a short walk out
to the back of the yard and the peach and nectarine
trees are in bloom!
The cherries have the beginning of buds but are still too green.
No sign of anything on the apple trees yet.
And the crabapples trees have green leaves but no blossoms yet.

Here is what I found:

 This is not a fruit tree, as you can see.
I can't remember the name of this bush but it
has tiny little yellow flowers when in full bloom.
I trim it just like a hedge and round it at the top.
These are last year's spent blossoms, but you can see the 
new green growth in the background.

 Okay, this is weird.
This is a nectarine blossom.
WHAT in the heck are those little bean-like things on the bottom?
Is it a bug? A parasite?
Someone help me!

 These blooms are beautiful in contrast to the blue morning sky.

 This one would make a beautiful painting.

 A quadruple bloom!

 Soft and serene.
This tree makes the best little nectarines.
They are not very pretty but are very sweet and tasty.

 Now we move to the peach tree.
These blossoms are a deeper pink.
This poor tree needs pruning badly, 
which I hear is happening next Wednesday.

 Sitting in the crook of the branches, enjoying the sunshine.

Another peach tree in the yard that also could use a prune.

Okay,better get inside, clean up, have some breakfast, and get to work.
Enjoy your Saturday!

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

beauty close to home

Feeling better today, but no painting yet.
Being sick is the time to rest and the ideas about life and work are flowing.
For now,
beautiful photos of spring and summer!

Oh, and to my artist friends, you are welcome to paint from any of these photos
as long as you credit me, the photographer!
If you do, send it to me and I will post your painting on my blog.

 peonies from my backyard

 columbine from my back yard

 poppies in the neighborhood

 poppies from down on Solar Rd.

 I think these are poppies from a road in Dietz farms

roses from outside my studio

 hollyhocks off of Fourth Street

 hollyhocks near Chimayo

 Bird of Paradise from a neighborhood off of Fourth Street

 A Dietz Farm home full of Bachelor Buttons and hollyhocks

 beautiful Jerusalem artichokes in bloom

 not sure what these are - Los Poblanos Inn and cultural Center Los Ranchos
You can see the lotus leaves and flowers in the background

 Bachelor Button field in Corrales

 Roses and a million other flowers - beautiful garden in Corrales

 Poppies and roses, Corrales

 Beautiful scene - red poppies and colorful background flowers, Dietz farm 
(I think)

 Larkspur, one of my favorite flowers - Corrales

 Not sure what these are, but they were a hit at last year's Corrales Garden Tour

 beautiful pear cactus blooms in my neighborhood

 Cholla cactus blooms in my neighborhood

Daisies? Sunflowers? Black-eyed Susans?

I hope you enjoyed this lovely scenic tour of some of my favorite 
flower and garden photos from last year.
I can't wait to get out there and do my day trip, plein air, 
photo-taking excursions soon!