Thursday, September 30, 2010

work in progress

This is a small work in progress for Artfest. It is a bunch of wild sunflowers by the John Dunn Bridge in Taos. You can sww where I've started the linework.

If THIS doesn't make you wanna dance........

Monday, September 27, 2010

Just a note....the postcard painting is SOLD. If you see a painting that you absolutely have to have before Artfest, email me and we can discuss preselling the painting to you and I will hold it for you until Artfest. Thanks, Dee

loving this commission

A commission I'm working on - this is the block in stage and I am absolutely loving the colors. I don't know if you can tell, but there will be a puppy out in the landscape. Can you spot her? This one probably won't be completed until Thursday. I will post more in a day or so. Have a fantastic week!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

new paintings for Artfest

I have three new paintings on the Artfest blog that I would like you to see. This is finished and will be my official WEEMS ARTFEST postcard. Wait until you see it professionally photographed. Okay, I am on to work. To see the new paintings, go to:

Friday, September 24, 2010

paintings accepted


These two paintings were accepted into the upcoming show "SPIRIT OF PLACE" at the Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos, New Mexico. The show opens on October 9 with an artist's reception and runs through November 14. I'm proud of them!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

still wet

work in progress
I love this painting - the softness, the offset whimsical composition. This may end up being my postcard for Artfest. I have taken photos of this wall so often but never painted it. I'm interested to see if I like it as much when I add the lineowrk. What do you think?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

new work in progress...large floral poppies

Line work stage. working upside down. This way I don't pay attention to what I'm lining, it's all just shapes and shadows and color.

work in progress
My favorite paintings - large masses of wildflowers with a few larger flowers as a focal point. This is fun to paint and even more enticing to put in the lines. It's tedious work and I have to get up and walk away periodically, in order to be able to focus on regular objects, like the television or a book.
I will be working on this one today. It probably won't be finished until sometime next week. Tomorrow I start a brand new 24"x30" commission. That one will be a secret until it's complete. This week I also have some nice new brushes and lots of large canvases to tone. Also two 8"x10" oil paintings to prepare for framing that were accepted into a museum show in Taos. Fall is here and I am busy busy, but I'm lovin' it. I want to go to the state fair this week too! Have a great Sunday....go Chiefs!

Oh, my online weight loss journal has a new post. Read here:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Commission - SOLD
This is my second painting of the Old Town wooden Indian. It was cool that when we went to Taos, we saw another one outside of the Overland Sheepskin Company. I may have to paint that one too, although he was pretty bland, shades of grey, I think. I may have to "colorize" him!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"WILD COREOPSIS" daily painting

A wild and free painting for me - and my first daily painting in a while. Coreopsis is a perennial wildflower that usually is a little larger and all yellow. One year I decided to make a "meadow" in the backyard and I found these little seeds. They are more wild, and reseed themselves every year. They came up along with all the other seeds, the meadow was beautiful, but the grass and weeds came up also and that year was the end of the meadow. Purchase information is below. If you would like this painting, please click on the Paypal button below to make your purchase. Shipping is by Priority Mail and takes 2-3 business days. Also, I have a new Artfest painting - check out my WEEMS ARTFEST blog at:

Buy this painting on PayPal
Price: $99.00 plus $10.00 s/h
Or, send me an email

Updates on the ARTFEST blog...

I have 7 WEEMS ARTFEST paintings completed so far. I wanted to work today but just couldn't get up the energy. Chris, I am painting your Indian tomorrow! I hope you will all follow the Artfest blog to keep me motivated and inspired. Please check out the new paintings at If you'd like to follow the progress of the paintings, clock the FOLLOW link the to right of the post. I want to paint a few daily paintings available for purchase too, so watch for those on this site.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Hi all -
I just wanted to let you know that my new ARTFEST 2010 blog is up and running. The first painting is posted and I already have five more!
Please go to and check it out. If you'd like to follow along, please click the "Follow" button to the right of the post.
I am in the zone now....

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The finished tryptich
The color is not exactly true but you get the idea.

Magazine Cover

I wanted to show you this magazine cover for JAPA, the Journal of the American Planning Association. I think it looks pretty sharp. I got the idea for this painting from a trip we took to San Francisco last year and also from a fellow blogger, Karin Jurik, who ran a blog for a while - posting photos for people to paint. This painting is a composite of two photos. The journal is very text oriented, much like a medical journal. Thanks JAPA, for the opportunity.
I just finished varnishing my Sandias tryptich - it turned out nice. I had the canvases stretched and they have such a different feel. It's like painting on butter. It also has no lines, which makes it feel soft and dreamy. The client came by yesterday to see it - she loves it and I'm delivering it tonight.
I am planning a day trip soon and should have wonderful photos to show you. Not saying where, it will be a surprise!
Also, I am starting a new feature for my fellow artists - from time to time I will post my most favorite art books along with a short review. These will be books that have helped me in my career and in learning how to become a better painter. Being an avid reader, not going to art school, and learning everything on my own - I know a good book when I see one! I will also be trying some new art products including paints and easels and will share that info with my readers. And even if you're not an artist, a lot of my books are about the creative process and I think everyone is creative in some way. Whether it's painting, scrapbooking, building furniture, decorating a house, etc., we all have a creative spark hidden somewhere. So stay tuned for that.
Weems Artfest painting starts as soon as I get back. My plan is finalized and I'm almost organized. It's going to be a whirlwind time for the next three months, believe me!
Newest weight loss blog post:

Monday, September 06, 2010

A big sunflower at the Corrales Grower's Market
fall days are coming....

Look at those tomatoes and Indian corn

Wow, today is Labor Day and I can't believe it feels like fall now. It's not really that cool, crispy kind of air yet, but you can tell it's coming. I went to two grower's markets this weekend! It is really nice to be able to buy locally grown produce. And the vendors there are SO friendly. A lot of people bring their dogs, which is nice and I go early, so the shadows on the ground are wonderful. I'm taking photos to paint a whole series of figurative paintings of people from all over - the lavender festival, the grower's market, the state fair, etc. One of these days....
I am almost finished with my Sandias commission. I'm in the process of organizing the Weems Artfest schedule (which is very behind, by the way). I am doing large paintings all of September, and medium-small paintings in October. Then I will be rounding our the rest the paintings during the first two weeks of November. After the Weems show is over, I'm packing my bags and traveling all over New Mexico in my quest to become New Mexico's best plein air painter. THAT will take some time! And I'm trying to balance all of this with weight loss, which is in a stagnation state right now.
More later....

Saturday, September 04, 2010

The postcard for the show tomorrow - come and see it! If you buy a painting, you get to take it immediately...reception starts at 1pm - I'll be there...

left side
These small paintings in progress represent three parts of a puzzle I am currently working on; a tryptich of the Sandia mountains .The idea is to go from a setting sun on the right hand side to almost dusk on the left. The top painting is an 8"x10" and is the left hand side of the piece. The middle painting is 8"x22" and the last one is also an 8"x10" and is the left side. This is the latter part of the block-in stage - everything is in place, the main colors are laid down, now come all the subtle variations in color, including highlights and shadows. No lines on this one.... also I have information coming on the show that includes my two small paintings. It is tomorrow, so stay tuned.....

middle painting

Commission - SOLD

right side of tryptich

Friday, September 03, 2010

This painting was really fun to do. I haven't painted iris for a while, so it was a welcome treat. My grandmother had an abundance of these lovely flowers, in all colors - but what I remember most are these blue/purple beauties. I shot this photo with my digital, instead of teh scanner (because of its size), so the color is not 100% true. but it's nice...

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

These are the two paintings that I dropped off at the Albuquerque Open Space Visitor Center for the upcoming "LITTLE GEMS" juried exhibition. They are both 5"x7" and I think they look wonderful in these pretty antique looking frames. They will be $150 each and the show opens with a reception from 1-4pm this Saturday. More info to follow.
I've been working like crazy and haven't posted a lot but all of that is about to change. Get ready - lots of work is starting to happen....especially Artfest paintings and daily paintings too. It will take a couple of days to finish up some things and prepare, but stay tuned.....I'm about to go on hyper speed! Some of my best work comes during this time. Usually...ha ha