Wednesday, April 19, 2017

feels good


I finally feel like I'm back in the painting zone!
I started this piece one evening when
I really wasn't in the mood to paint - but thought I SHOULD.

It all really came together and got me
excited for all of the events and projects I have coming up.

This bouquet of flowers really reminds me of my 
grandmothers' gardens growing up.
Wildly chaotic and I used big, bold brushstrokes.

My next project is painting in Jemez and I will have 
more details on that later.

For purchase information on "THE BEST BOUQUET,"

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

I checked the last time I blogged and it was March 11.
That is crazy.
Life has gotten really busy or
I have gotten really lazy.

Maybe a little bit of both.


Easter is tomorrow and I can't believe it.
It's almost May.

Here are my latest photos:

 This is a photo I took of my peach tree in March.
The blossoms were just beginning to open.

 I decided to take a trip to Corrales
 to see if there was any "new" green there.
Not much.
This is one of the acequias.

 A large bush of flowering quince.

 An old shed surrounded by winter trees.

 Aha! A sign of spring.
Daffodils - yay!

 This is one of my favorite scenes to photograph.
I love this orange house,
the blue of the mountains,
and the yellow grass.

 This is "my" cornfield.
I'm trying to take weekly photos
because some of the land is for sale.
I don't want it to change!

 Pretty shadows on the old Corrales church.

 Flowers at the old cemetery.

 Back at my house.
Now the blossoms are opening.
This is one of two crabapple trees.
When they are in full bloom,
the bee-buzzing sound is incredible.

 I think this one is the cherry tree.
I have never gotten a decent crop of cherries. 
But one year I had sixteen big warm ones,
and we ate them all right off of the tree.

Maybe this year....

 These are my little gala apple blossoms.
I got about five apples last year so
this year I'm hoping for a bumper crop.

 The lilacs are also in bloom.
This is in Corrales.

 Awesome puffy clouds and shadows at the Sandias.

 Road trip to Taos!
We headed up to celebrate my daughter's birthday.
I've never been in March or April
so it should be interesting.

 Scenery along the Pilar area

 The beautiful river flowing through the mountains

 Snow on the back mountains

 An old truck right next to the house we stayed in.
Taos has some of the best old trucks!

 The road to our relative's house

 a magpie bending a pine tree 
under a grey sky

 There's a storm brewing....

 Beautiful Taos mountain in sunlight

 The scene looking west from our house

 A pond near our rental home

 my favorite little stream

 Chamisa and snow

 Two magpies fighting over an old tree branch
The one on the right won.
 Arroyo Seco cemetery

 Blossoms around an old fence

 The village of Arroyo Seco

 El Salto Peak in Arroyo Seco

 The ditches and streams were running like crazy!

 Beautiful snow

 Church at Arroyo Seco

 Snow covered mountains

 Grazing horses

 I couldn't go to Arroyo Seco
and not take a picture of my favorite old truck!

 Courtyard of our house

 My view form the backyard.

 My second painting

 Taos mountain in sunlight.

 Clouds rolling in....

 More cloud cover

 Down into the ski valley.
I've never seen it like this.

 And....we have SNOW.

 More cloud cover

 Apple trees and the view west

 Adobe and snow

 I think this is Pedernal from the back view.
Does anyone know?

 And now I'm back in Corrales.
This is a view of the Sandias from the western side of Corrales.

 What is this bush, does anyone know?
I thought it was yerba mansa, but not sure.

 Pretty view of a Corrales acequia

 Redbird tree in full bloom

 Security guard at Milagro Vineyards

 Pig Mailbox.
Now this is unique.

 More lovely lilacs

 The first iris I've seen

 Tulips and a "Taos Blue" window opening

The ditch gate.


I'm starting to gather my gear for a week long
paint out in Jemez with a group exhibition
at the Jemez Fine Art Gallery.
The show openings on May 6.
Details to follow.

Lots more coming up too - 
day trips, paint outs, group shows,
garden painting, and a Fall Art Party!

Stay tuned and Happy Easter!