Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Time!

I've been busy the last few days, 
so I am posting several photos here at once.
It will probably be like this through Christmas - crazy as always!
I hope everyone is doing fine and 
the holidays are wonderful for everyone.

 This is my new Mabef field easel. 
I think it's cool because it's not too heavy, 
it takes larger canvases out on location, and it tilts.
I can't wait to try it.

My favorite Christmas tree lot and the same one I've used for the last ten years.
Boy, trees went up this year! What was $40 last year is now $65.
But they were all beautiful.

This is one I chose.
This lot is at a home where the Christmas tree business 
was started by a man who will turn 100 years old this year.
His kids took over the business, now their kids are helping out.
I believe all of the trees are from Mora, New Mexico.

Aww, it's pretty.
I always like a tree that's kind of sparsy - I think the ornaments hang better.

 All loaded up.
I'm only going about eight blocks!

 Whew, I got it inside.
I forgot to saw off the bottom a little and drill a few holes in the bottom.
Oh well.

 I also took a little side trip yesterday to the local greenhouse to see the poinsettias.
They are GORGEOUS!
This is a varigated variety and it's really beautiful.

 Tons and tons of locally grown ponsettias.
Mind boggling.....

 Big hanging baskets.

I would love one of these in my house.
But it would die shortly thereafter.
I have no green thumb inside the house.

 We are making plates of goodies for some of our friends and family this year
and on Thursday, we had a day-long baking day.
The cookies you see above are my biscochitos.
I also made fudge and chocolate chip pumpkin cookies.
My daughter made truffles and mints. 

 My biscochitos had a special ingredient this year.
Can anyone guess what it is?

My daughter and son-in-law Ben putting lights on the tree.

 My husband Mac showing off his ornament.

 Morgan adjusting the lights.

 Mac and Ben posing.
Well, Ben is posing.

 My tree with the movie "THE NUTCRACKER" in the background.

 The family Christmas tree, ready at last.
I think it's pretty.

 Close up of a few of my favorite ornaments.
Can you tell I have a thing for birds?

 Another bird ornament - I found this at a little antique store.

Speaking of birds, we have a million of these birds at our crabapple trees, eating the berries.
I think they might be called cedar waxwings, but I don't know. 
I've never seen one at my feeders until now.

Monday, December 03, 2012

nice weekend

 This is what my studio looked like Friday. 
We cleaned a bit of our garage and lots of stuff came into my studio, 
most of it you can see here.
I should be cleaning and painting. BUT.
The weather is so pretty and there's the Los Ranchos Holiday Shop and Stroll this weekend, sooo...I'm going antiquing!

This is the tree at the end of my backyard.
I took this photo a couple of weeks ago and the colors were so gorgeous.

This is how the tree looks now.
All of the bright gold is gone and now there's just a dull, dusty gold.

 This is one of two crabapple trees in my backyard.
I have never ever seen them so full of berries.
We have been inundated with birds of all kinds.
Not surprising, since I have eight birdfeeders around the yard.
I thought this was a female robin, but am not sure.

  Isn't she cute?

Beautiful voices at Kelly Jo Ceramics for the Holiday Stroll.

 This little tiny house was at the back of one of the antique stores.
It has a Spanish style roof, a wood stove pipe, shutters on the windows and is probably 4ft.x 5ft.
Perfect studio size, lol.
I could put wheels on it and just move it around in my yard whenever I wanted some sunshine.

 This was one of my purchases - a complete book of Vincent Van Gogh's self portraits.
Complete with historical faces about where there were painted 
and what was going on in his life at the time.
20% off and score!

 This was one of my favorite finds of the day.
Actually my cousin spotted it as soon as we walked in the antique store.
A cross made out of some kind of local wood  with the bark still on it.
I love the shape.
The cross and flowers are made out of some very heavy metal.
This was $38 and 30% off because it was "wall art."
It will join the others in my cross collection.

 This is the most unusual nativity I've ever seen.
A wind chime!
It is so pretty, everything is made out of clay.
I will hang it next to my Christmas tree.
This was $20 and 20% off and I just happened to see it hanging in
a little room at the back of the Antique Co-op on 4th Street NW.

 A beautiful view of the Sandia mountains and some people seeing if the red chile is still good.
This will be a painting soon.
Love the blue of the mountains and the color of the fields.

A few cranes - maybe Sandhill - in a field near the Rio Grande Nature Center.

Okay, there you have it - my weekend.
Now it's back to cleaning, painting, working, exercising, and getting ready for Christmas.
If you're so inclined, check out my weight loss blog, "Dee's 365 Days."

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Man, I am in the Christmas Spirit today!

I have lots to do in my studio, but there is an Antique Store Holiday Shop and Stroll near my house today and I am going to have to take off for a while and go check that out.

I got my Gamblin paint order yesterday and the rest of my Mona Lisa Speedball panels will be here this week, so I am ready to start painting....I will admit that after Balloon Fiesta and Weems Artfest, I needed a break. Oh, all of my paintings are split up between Weems Uptown and Weems Old Town, so if you want to see them, wait a few days and head over - they will welcome you with open arms!

My daily painting starts up Monday, so watch for that.
I have decided not to do auctions. Every painting will have a price and a Paypal button underneath, so if you see a painting you want, just click on the Paypal button and you can purchase. It's easy!

I will have also my daily paintings listed on and and I am thinking about setting up an ebay store. Never done that so I thought it would be kind of cool.

Okay, I will write more later - have a great weekend!