Wednesday, January 20, 2021

visions of pilar

 I'm working in the studio today.

It started snowing sometime this morning,

so I didn't really get out today.

I did watch Joe Biden's inauguration though.

So very inspiring and beautiful!

And i am dreaming of Pilar...


8x6" oil
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Sunday, January 17, 2021

a new year. new goals


Wow, what a year 2020 was!

I don't even want to talk about it,

so I'm not going to.


I started the new year with no clear goals or projects in mind.

So I figured the best thing to do is work on

a major purge, clean-up, and organization of the studio.

Six totes of art book, magazines, and supplies later

are now headed into the garage until I can have a sale.

All of those books are art magazines have really

helped sustain me through unmotivated times.

I have been pondering what goals

 I may want to aim for in 2021.

I'm hoping that the vaccine works and

I can actually hug my family members this year.

I'm hoping that I get to hang out with artist friends,

go to lunches, hold a few workshops, 

have my big ART PARTY in  September, 

and do lots of plein air painting.

 I am definitely planning a Challenge of some sort.

There are a couple of subjects and mediums that are out of

my comfort zone, I'm going to work on those.

 In addition to painting, I will be working on

my ornaments every week, and I also want to

explore jewelry, fabrics, and clay.


I also want to work on perfecting

my technique with gouache.


5x7" gouache

I also plan to BLOG a lot more.

I've been busy and forgot how much I love it.

And I'm going to start a youtube channel,

where I can post instructional videos and 

demos. THAT I will enjoy figuring out!


 I plan on joining some new art associations,
and will be continuing my artist in/out of residence
at Los Poblanos Inn and Farm.

I will also be participating in Sumner and Dene's annual
GARDEN SHOW coming up in June.

Okay, that's it!
The KC Chiefs game is coming on, and
that's my jam right now.