Wednesday, February 24, 2016



Last week we had 70 degree days and sunshine.
Yesterday, we had SNOW. SNOW!
In February!

Did I mention that we have gotten spoiled this year in New Mexico?
We've had a really mild winter and even so,
I am ready for spring and all that it brings.

I have noticed the beginnings of little sprigs of
green grass at the edges of people's yards.
Some neighbors' forsythia bushes are already
filling up with yellow flowers.

So I know spring is right around the horizon.

For now, I am staying in the studio.

I've started my 150 CHALLENGE SHOW paintings for

Those of you on my mailing list will be getting postcards 
soon announcing the show and a link to the new blogsite,

In between 150 paintings, 
I am working on several commissions and a design 
for my daughter's wedding invitations.

I was also please to meet a very nice couple
from Minnesota this week, who came to the house to meet
me and check out my studio.

They took home a couple of paintings of Taos 
and I also sold a painting to a
nice lady from Ohio who used to live here and is
coming for a visit in June and wants to meet me and hang out.
I painted the painting below and wasn't really happy with it.
I was thinking about scraping it off and said so, and
she emailed and said, Please Don't Scrape It, I want to buy it.
And she did. 
I swear, I have met the nicest people on faceboook.

oil on panel

oil on cradled board 

Tonight I worked on Challenge painting #148.
This is a Canyon Woman, working in the fields.
I love the peacefulness of this scene.
I will look at it in natural light tomorrow and decide if
I want to make any changes.

Life is going full force right now.
I am painting almost every day
and babysitting my little ones a couple of days a week 
so their parents can finish house painting 
and get them moved into their very first home.
So excited for them!

I can't wait to go on day trip excursions
and spend whole days plein air painting.
Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch are first on my list.

I hope you are as ready for spring as I am.
I think we're all going to have a great one!

What are you going to do this spring and summer?

Saturday, February 20, 2016


New 150 Challenge Painting

oil on cradled hardboard

The second painting of the 150 Challenge.
Can you tell that I am putting off the "FACES" part of the Challenge?
I will try to get to at least one this weekend.
The painting above was a joy to create.


Upcoming Show:

I have created six paintings as a Guest Artist 
for Essence Gallery's upcoming "FEATHERED FRIENDS" exhibition.
The show opens on friday, March 4, from 5-9pm in Old Town.

oil on canvas

oil on canvas

oil on canvas

oil on canvas

oil on canvas

oil on canvas

Monday, February 15, 2016

The 150 Challenge Show has begun!

oil on cradled board

You can read all about the new paintings at 
the new 150 Challenge blog:
Click on the image above to enlarge.
To go to the new blog, CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016


oil on canvas

I have never seen Bosque del Apache in the spring or summer.
The only time I have been is in the fall.

It's a fantastic time of year to visit the wildlife refuge.
The sunflowers are spent, the fall colors are incredible,
especially with daily flights of white snow geese
 against all of these golds and oranges.

I am going to make it a point to get out there 
in late spring this year.
And also in late summer, when the sunflowers and blooming.

This painting is up for auction for 7 days.
To view auction information, CLICK HERE.

Monday, February 08, 2016


oil on panel

This painting is now available for auction.
I haven't offered a painting for auction for some time!

The auction will last 7 days. 
You also have an option to BUY IT NOW at the auction site.

This is a view of beautiful red roses at Santuario de Chimayo.
The roses were sitting against a warm adobe wall.  
The light was wonderful.

There was a blue mural painted on the wall featuring
a woman holding a basket and a man digging in the earth.
I chose to paint the mural as an abstract.

Lots of exciting things coming up.
In the planning stages of a major shift in life and work changes.

To go to the auction page, CLICK HERE.

On the auction page, you can point your cursor on the painting and
see up close and personal brush strokes!