Friday, May 31, 2013



I must tell you, I've been working on this painting for a while.
And when I say quite a while, I mean like - SIX MONTHS!

My customer paid cash for the piece about six months ago and said there was no hurry.
Please- never tell me there's no hurry. 
I will take FOREVER.

I also painted some light switch plates for her.

It got so bad that I finally had to call and tell her
that they were ready - so I would finish them.

She is coming to pick them up today.
I hope she likes them. They took a LONG time!
Love those poppies....

Sunday, May 26, 2013

new 145 Challenge painting


My newest 145 Challenge painting.
I have to say, this one was fun to paint and it makes me happy every time I look at it. 
For some reason, I really am in love with the sky.

I thought I would talk a little bit about how a painting created in the quiet 
of my studio makes it out into the internet world for all to see.

1. Choose the subject
2. Paint the painting.
3. Come up with a title that speaks to me.
4. Find just the right light to photograph the painting. Take at least 12 shots.
5. Put the painting up in its spot on the wall to dry.
6. List painting in the big 145 Challenge book binder that I made.
7. Upload the painting into the computer.
8. Edit the painting, getting the color as close to what I actually see in front of me as possible.
9. Resize the painting to to a smaller size to work better on the web.
10. Put the painting in the 145 Challenge folder I have created on my computer.
11. Post the painting on
12. Create a Paypal link for payment and copy it to all of my posting sites.
13. Post the painting on
14. Post the painting on the 145 Challenge blog:
15. Post the painting on
16. Post the painting on
17. Send out a post to all of my followers so the painting will pop up in their email.
18. Post the painting on facebook.
19. Go back to bed.
20. Just kidding.

And you thought all I did was paint!

To see all of the completed 145 Challenge paintings click HERE.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

new 145 Challenge painting


For more information on this painting, please go to
the "SWEPT AWAY" site by clicking HERE.

I just got 23 frames in yesterday - not my 6x6" frames for the Challenge.
Those are custom ordered and will be here in a week or two.

I've been wanting do to some larger panel paintings for my galleries so
these are the sizes I ordered:
8x8, 8x10, 10x10, 11x14, 12x12, 12x16, 16x20, and 18x24.
I'm excited and am planning the subjects today.

Enjoy your weekend and have a safe Memorial Day.

Friday, May 24, 2013

new 145 Challenge paintings

To view all completed paintings, click HERE.

 I love this one!


 I've been way behind on updating and printing my photographs from day trips and paint outs.
So I went through them on my computer a few days ago
 and sent off to have 800+ of them printed.
And here they are!

You name it and I probably have it in this stack: 
landscapes, fields, churches, flowers, people, still lives, places, animals.
And though these are nice and motivating - I am still SO ready to get out there and actually
paint next to a river a stream, a mountain, I am READY!

Next week, I will be posting a series about the best blogging books I have found.
And the best art books. And the best self-help books.
And the best gardening books.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

new paintings, new happenings

I took a little drive to Madrid, New Mexico last week on my way to eat at Bobcat Bites.
Bobcat Bites is my husband's favorite burger joint in the state and they are closing!
So we had to go eat there one last time.

We stopped in Madrid to deliver four paintings to my friend Jillian's new gallery
What an adventure, opening a gallery in Madrid! 
I'm jealous.
They was a big biker fest going on and we got stopped at a sobriety checkpoint - twice!
Normally when I go to Madrid, it's on a weekday - much more mellow.

 This is downtown main street Madrid.

 Lots of coffee shops, gift shops, galleries.

 The gallery - it's really pretty, every wall is painted a different color.
Not sure what color my wall is going to be yet!

 Nice light with big windows 

 My friend Jillian Maresco. Her gallery co-owner is Lillian.
Jillian and Lillian!

 On the right are "Day of the Dead" pieces,
I keep saying I want to paint some of these. 
Maybe during the Challenge!

 One of the gallery walls.

 The front of the gallery.
Anytime you're in Madrid, stop by and visit Jillian.
The gallery is filled with beautiful art. Including mine!
From Albuquerque, Madrid is about 45-50 minutes.
What a way to get away and just relax and enjoy your day. 

 This is Bobcat Bites.
Gonna miss that place.
but never fear, they already have a new location.
Even better!
They will be re-opening in mid-July.

And now - here are three new 145 Challenge paintings.
They are all $145 each and you can view all of the completed paintings HERE..




Saturday, May 18, 2013

Little Luna Gallery and other news

My 145 Challenge is coming along so nicely - I'm loving it!

I'm getting ready to pack up and start taking some day trips and
I also just sent 705 images to the store to be developed, so I will have lots of inspiration!

Also, I have 12 people signed up for the "after the Challenge" New Mexican Fiesta Dinner:

$49 per person,
at my north valley home,
great New Mexican food,
the New Mexican band Mezcla Latina playing,
and you have a chance to win a $2000 Dee Sanchez painting!
Please remember, that half of your $49 per person donation 
goes to the group, New Mexico Dogs Deserve Better.

To register, please send your check for $49 per person to:
Dee Sanchez
403 Camino del Bosque NW
Albuquerque, NM  87114

Little Luna Gallery, Madrid, New Mexico

These four painting are varnished and framed and ready for delivery to
the new Little Luna Gallery in Madrid, New Mexico.

I will post photos of the gallery as soon as I see it!
I can't wait, Madrid is always such a fun, fun place to just walk around and hang out.

The painting are all oil on hardboard, 
framed in an antique silver speckle plein air frame, and are $250 each.
You can email me for more information.

Also, please go to Weems Uptown Gallery at
Menaul and Louisiana NE this week to see their new
group exhibition titled "SKIES."

These three paintings are in the exhibition:




Also, my large piece "ILLUMINATA II" sold in last month's floral show:


Thursday, May 16, 2013



My newest Challenge painting.
For more information, click HERE.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013



This painting will be available at Weems Gallery Uptown this weekend 
for the opening ofthe group show, "SKIES."
For more information, please call Weems at 505-293-6133
But not until after tomorrow, because it's not there yet!


acrylic on canvas

My newest painting for Weems Gallery Uptown show called "SKIES" 
opening this Saturday.

Monday, May 13, 2013



To read about this painting in my 145 Challenge, please click HERE.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

142 "DAYS END" and Legacy Art Event

Day 4 of my 145 day painting Challenge
For more information about this painting, click HERE.

This was my painting donation for the Legacy Art event.
It raised a good sum of money for student scholarships last night.

 My cousin Goldie and her friend Christianna at Legacy.

 The painting duo "SPLASH.
They have a choreographed routine and paint a painting upside down.
Then they flip it over and it's awesome!

 An American Eagle!

 A special "SPLASH" tribute to Amada Pena, the major artist behind Legacy Art.
It is also his 70th birthday this year, so they wanted to do something nice for him.
It was a picture of him in a hat on the right and a buffalo on the left.

 My friend Cherita with Steven Michael Quezada, from "Breaking Bad."

This is just for you Maggie.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The 145 Painting Challenge is ON!
I am loving it already...


To view information about this painting and purchase information,
please click HERE.

Also, I have changed the format of the 145 blog, 
You will be able to see all of the paintings in a gallery format. 
You can click on an image and it will give you all of the information about that painting.
To see the new gallery format, click HERE.

 A couple of photos from the Legacy artists' party last night.
On your right is Steven Michael Quezada, who plays a detective on "Breaking Bad" 
and in the back is Mike Moroff, who starred in La Bomba and has done work in a lot of movies.

This is the well-known artist Amado Pena, giving a welcome speech and thanking the artists, donors, and sponsors for this year's Legacy Art fundraising event.
I can't wait!

To read more about Legacy Art, click HERE.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

The 145 Challenge has started!


The 145 Challenge has started!

Please click on the painting above to read about my
process of creation and purchase information.

145 Day Challenge Instructions


1. Follow at

2. Please comment freely and offer feedback and suggestions

3. Please share with your friends on facebook and other sites


1. Choose your painting by number

2. Click on the BUY NOW button underneath the painting

3. You will be directed to the Paypal site

4. You may purchase with your Paypal account or any credit card

5. That's it! When the painting is dry to the touch, I will ship it out by Priority Mail and it will arrive in 2-3 business days


Cost is $49 per person and these are the highlights:

~A New Mexican dinner out under the cottonwoods in my north valley home
~Guacamole, salsa, queso, beans, taquitas, enchiladas,carne adovada, sopaipillas,and something yummy for dessert.
~Music by Mezcla Latina
~A chance to meet other art lovers
~A painting demonstration by Dee
~One attendee will win a $2000 Dee Sanchez painting
~A chance to help our animal friends - a good portion of the money raised is going to a great well-respected local group,
New Mexico Dogs Deserve Better.


1. Write a check for $49 per person made out to Dee Sanchez

2. Mail to: Dee Sanchez, 403 Camino del Bosque NW, Alb, NM  87114

3. To pay by credit card, please call Dee at 505-792-1030.

4. Limited to the first 60 people registered

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Hi all - 

My 145 "SWEPT AWAY" painting Challenge starts tomorrow!
I'm going to be shooting short videos all through the Challenge and I'm not a great person with a video camera, that will soon be obvious. is a short practice run and I'll see you tomorrow.

I will post painting #145 here first, then on over to

 To see the video, click HERE.

Click on the Paypal button under the painting.
You may purchase with your Paypal account 
or any credit card.

Send a check for $49 per person to:

Dee Sanchez
403 Camino del Bosque NW
Albuquerque, NM  87114

Remember, a portion of the proceeds for the dinner 
will benefit
New Mexico Dogs Deserve Better,
my favorite charity.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

These four framed paintings are going to a new space in 
Madrid, New Mexico called Little Luna Gallery.
The gallery is run by Jillian and Lillian and already has a nice little stable of artists.
They will be opening very soon.

They don't have a web presence yet.
I can't wait to go see the space and drop the paintings off.
It's so fun just to go to Madrid!

Also, I am painting two BIG paintings for the upcoming Weems show, "SKIES."
I'm thinking one of them has to be a New Mexico rainstorm!

And last but certainly not least, I am getting my studio
set up for my 145 day Challenge, "SWEPT AWAY" -  which begins in 2 days!.
I have unpacked 145 6x6" panels and will be unwrapping them
and starting to tone them my special red/burnt sienna wash.

I have to pick up my grey palette paper at Artisan tomorrow
and I just finished the commission for the Luna Mansion in Los Lunas, New Mexico.
Life is good!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013



A commission for Tracy - thank you!
Funny - I just noticed the dark spot at the lower right hand of the flowers -
I'm not sure I like that. 
 It's strange how you sometimes don't notice things until you see them 
nice and bright (and large) on the computer.


Today is May 1st and my SWEPT AWAY Challenge starts in only 8 days!
To follow this 145 day Challenge, click HERE.

I'm still waiting on 122 6x6" panels to arrive.
 I ordered 145, they shipped me 17 and back-ordered the rest. 
They should be here before the Challenge starts - I'm hoping.
If not, I have back-up!

I also wanted to let everyone know that the Corrales Studio Tour is this weekend.
If you're out and about, be sure to check it out.
It's a fantastic tour and I'll be out and about, visiting artists, myself.

Also, I have a painting in the upcoming exhibition "SEEDS - A COLLECTIVE VOICE"
"SEEDS" opens this Saturday from 4-8 at the Downtown Contemporary Gallery.
This is going to be a spectacular exhibit.
I will post more information on this one tonight.