Thursday, June 26, 2014


Back at it. Finally.

Hi all - 
I am playing catch-up here.
I've been working on my Retro Challenge paintings,
enjoying a visit from some nice out-of-town facebook friends,
photographing hollyhocks around town,
pulling weeds in the garden,
enjoying my granddaughter,
and everything else that goes along with summer.

Now I really have to sock it into high gear - 
I haven't even started on ornaments yet!

Please keep in mind that I am painting the Retro Challenge paintings 
for a big show that opens on Friday, September 26, at 
Weems Gallery on Montgomery NE.

It should be a blast!

If you want to know how to purchase Retro Challenge paintings,
please read the link to your right.

Have a great summer ya'll!
(Hint, hint, "ya'll)
Guess where my friends were from??

To see the newest Retro paintings, click HERE.

 This is painting #99, "AUTUMN AT BLACK MESA."

 These are a couple of shots of hollyhocks at a beauty shop 
near where I live. 

 Love the cool colors in this one.
It almost looks like fall with the rusts and oranges.
And fourth of July with the flag!

 This is my friend Connie from Fort Worth, Texas.
We had never met until she came for a visit and now I adore her!
She is so sweet (along with her husband John, and friends Claudia and Earl)
and we went on a day trip, ate lots of Mexican food, and had a great time.
I hope to see her again soon.
Taos Connie, remember??

On another note, this is a photo from my facebook friend Nicole,
who lives in France.
She posts the most beautiful photos and gave me permission to paint this.
And I'm going to!
Thank goodness for wonderful facebook friends....

Monday, June 09, 2014

simple things

Hi all - 

I am not writing about art tonight.
I drove around town a couple of days ago for about an hour 
and took pictures of anything that struck my fancy.

I have been mentally kind of under the weather since January 
and I just needed some simple (and beautiful) things to life my spirits.

Flowers will do it every time.

I'm making them extra large because that's how I saw them.

 Pear cactus in my neighborhood
Even the spent blossoms are interesting.

 cholla cactus  
The yellow is the old stem that held the flower. 

a yard full on Coreopsis near the Rio Grande Nature Center

 beautiful hollyhocks near Old Town

and the metal mariachis - so cool!
If they don't put you in a good mood, then I don't know what does!
Back to art tomorrow...