Tuesday, May 31, 2011

time to enjoy...

The view outside my studio door.


I might actually have time to sit out there this coming weekend.


I am finished with all 150 paintings! They are all numbered, boxed,and ready to go, except for 26, which are still in various drying stages in the studio.
I didn't get to a couple of subjects that I really wanted to paint, so there may be a few secret "extra" paintings at the show. I want to paint a snow scene, and one of my friends posted an absolutely gorgeous close-up photo of one of her irises on her facebook page and said I could paint it. Thank you Janet!


I am sending an invite to all of you to come down and see the show.
We will have great music, lots of goodies, and most of all,

150 framed oil paintings on the wall at one time!
I won't be doing another 150 CHALLENGE for quite some time, so this will be the last chance to see such a grouping all at once.
Remember, the Artist's Reception is from 5pm - 6:30pm,

and the show and sale start promptly at 6:30pm.

Just pick your preferences, and if no one else chooses them, those paintings are yours for $150 each. If two or more people choose the same piece, a name will be drawn for the winner. After those are complete, you may begin removing your pieces for purchase from the wall.
Weem's Gallery is located at 303 Romero St NW, in the heart of Old Town, right across from the beautiful San Felipe de Neri Catholic church.

Call the gallery at 505-764-0302 if you need more information.

If you're out of state, you may also call this number with your purchase preferences.
Parking can be found at several spots nearby.
The weather is supposed to be awesome that day, so please, come out and join us - hang out, have some refreshments, check out the paintings, listen to some great music, and think of some subjects I forgot to paint!


There are a couple of upcoming paint outs that I want to attend: Arroyo Seco in Taos, a "Moonglow" paint out in Albuquerque, and Canyon Road in Santa Fe.

I have an upcoming group show in September at Weems Gallery Uptown with BC Nowlin, Esta Bain, and Russ Ball.

I will be painting for One Artist Road, my new gallery in Santa Fe.

I have my Weems Artfest show coming up in November.

Taos plein air artist Michelle Chrisman and I are thinking about some type of collaborative show.

I am getting my knees replaced. I am trying not to think about that one.

And of course, last but certainly not least, I will start back up with my daily paintings, available for purchase on this blog.

I may actually have time to cook dinner, go on date with my husband,
and go on a vacation getaway.

Thank you for all of your support during the 150 Challenge and I hope to meet and greet every one of you at the show!

If you need more information, please email me at deesanchezart@hotmail.com

Monday, May 30, 2011

Six new 150 paintings!

Only three paintings left!

Click on the image to see all six new 150 CHALLENGE paintings!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

five new 150 paintings!



The original beginning in a loosely painted sketch using Gamblin asphaltum mixed with odorless mineral spirits.




The finished painting. This is a larger piece and will also be $150 at the show. If two or more people want the painting, there will be a name drawn to choose the winner.

I am down to only nine paintings left, and boy, it's hard to choose the last ones.

This is what I have left: snow, three dancers, two dancers, a figurative piece from the old Schaffer Hotel in Mountainair, a landscape, a figurative in the lavender fields, a floral, an angel, and my last painting, like before, an angel walking down a pathway. I also have seven extra 8x8 frames. If I get time, I may paint a couple of sunsets just for good measure.

The 150 CHALLENGE SHOW is only five days away - I am SO excited. Three of my husband's friends are coming and will be playing guitars and bongo drums - probably Spanish style. I haven't heard them but I know they play at the Range Cafe in Bernalillo. Thank you, Carlos and friends.

So, for those of you who don't know - here's how the 150 Challenge will work:

I have created 150 small framed oil paintings that will culminate in a show this Friday, June 3, at Weems Old Town in Albuquerque.

The paintings will all be hung on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. They should all be up by Thursday evening, so you are welcome to come down and preview. Especially all day Friday.

There will be an artist's reception from 5pm - 6:30pm, with music and food (think salsa, chips, cheese, crackers, fruits, veggies, little desserts, wine, lemonade, etc).

The show and sale will begin promptly at 6:30pm. You choose the paintings you want by number. If no one else chooses those paintings, they are yours for $150 each. If two or more people choose the same painting, a name will be drawn. If you are watching online from out of town, you may call the gallery at 505-764-0302, give them your preferences, and the same applies - if no one else chooses your paintings, they are yours for $150.

I invite everyone to come down and see the show - it's a culmination of six months of hard work, lots of dreaming, and a rare chance to see what goes on in this brain of mine.

Oh, and to see all of the new 150 paintings, go to: www.150challenge2011.blogspot.com

Saturday, May 28, 2011

two BIG work days...

I sketched all of my canvases yesterday - there are actually more here than I have frames for, but I couldn't decide between a couple of them, so I'll pick one when I get there. I'm hoping to have all of these finished by tomorrow night. I think I have four dancers, one Van Gogh, one snow, one or two people in the lavender fields, one figurative by the old Schaffer Hotel, and a couple of landscapes.

I made a few magnets of some of my favorite 150 paintings to take to the show.

Stay tuned because I'm sure I'll have something to post tonight. I'd better! Have a wonderful Saturday!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

new 150 CHALLENGE paintings

Today I set up my versa easel with my tripod and put my butcher tray with the grey disposable palette in it. It worked perfectly! I was trying to get away from sitting right on top of my easel, like a lot of us daily painters do when we're painting small works. It really helps so much to have to look at the painting in progress from a distance. Better perspective, definitely. This is my 8x8 poppy painting in progress.

The palette:

titanium white, cadmium yellow light, cadmium yellow medium, Indian yellow, cadmium orange, cadmium red light, napthol red, alizarin crimson, quinacridone magenta, violet grey, dioxazine purple, cobalt teal, cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, asphaltum, prussian blue, cadmium green, and sap green. All colors are Gamblin except the violet grey, and that's Old Holland. I think I could cut out at least half of the colors and come really close to getting a good match, except I have a hard time matching the magenta and the violet grey.

The finished painting, "NIGHT POPPIES."

Detail of poppy - I love those thick brushstrokes!
To view six new 150 CHALLENGE PAINTINGS, go to

11 Days Left!

Good morning! I have two new 150 Challenge paintings for you to preview.

I'm getting down to the wire now and am working furiously to finish them all on time for the show. The last two or three paintings will probably still be wet.

For those of you who want to know how the 150 CHALLENGE SHOW works:

We will deliver the paintings to the gallery a few days before the show opens. They will spend two days hanging all 150 of them and you can probably go down to Weems in Old Town and preview all of the paintings starting late Thursday and all day Friday.

I will probably head down there too if I can - I'm so anxious to see them all up on the wall.

You have no idea, these are like my children and it's like looking at old photographs and remembering.

When I see #150, the very first painting I did, I'm going to remember starting the Challenge and how scared I was about the prospect of painting so many oil paintings and how much I actually love them all now. I'm going to pick out my favorites and see if they're still really my favorites! Who knows, I may have new ones.

Friday evening, we will come in early and set up a table or two, bring all the goodies, have a little music, and just enjoy the show.


1. Pick your favorites by title and numer

2. Call the gallery at 505-764-0302

3. Give them your information and preferences.

4. If no one else chooses your paintings, you may purchase them for $150 each

5. If two or more people choose the same painting, we will draw a name during the show and that person gets their painting.

6. You may then choose another if you like.

7. When all of the paintings with two or more prospective buyers are sold, then everyone may go and remove their painting choices from the wall and purchase them for $150 each.

8, If you favorite painting does get sold, talk to me about a commission

I invite you all come down to preview the show and I hope you get as excited about seeing all 150 paintings up on the Weem's wall as I'm sure I will!

To view the two new 150 CHALLENGE paintings:

Monday, May 23, 2011

new 150 Challenge Paintings!

I have six new 150 Challenge paintings for your viewing pleasure.

I can't believe the show is only 12 days away! And I still have 26 paintings to do! Will I make it? It will probably be down to the wire, like always.

I'm excited about the subjects I have left - and I love this whimsical little painting that you see here. I was trying to capture the beauty of spring that you see in Taos. I just realized that I forgot to put in a magpie. That will happen in one of the next paintings. What you see here are my whimsical version of spring trees, pink blossom trees (maybe apple or peach), white blossom trees (probably apple or pear), and three little sheep grazing in a pasture on a hill. Makes me want to go to Taos. Now.

Go to www.150challenge2011.blogspot.com to see the six new paintings and stay tuned for more. I hope you're coming to the show!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

new 150 Challenge paintings!

There is only 13 days left - I can't believe it. It's almost here. My frames are all in. Now all I have to do is finish the paintings. And I kind of don't want it to end.

Working with oils is a dream - I love them; their thickness, their abillity to blend, their richness and vibrancy.

I think I have really challenged myself this time, even though I still have all of my "people" left to paint over the next week. That will be a challenge too, I'm sure.

I am so proud of this collection - I hope you all come to the show to see them in person. All 150 at one time. They will probably be up in their entirety the day before and the day of the show.

I think I might cry when I see them all together!

So anyway, check out the new ones at www.150challenge2011.blogspot.com. And keep watching because I've got 32 more coming!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

just rambling...

Man, it was cold today! Right now on my computer it says it's 53 degrees outside. This is a quick photo of the Sandia Mountains covered with clouds that I shot while driving across the river, yes, I know that's dangerous but sometimes you just have to get that shot! It's been cloudy and so cool all day today. I love it - although it makes me want to curl up under a blanket with a good book.

All of the neighbor's roses are blooming - I stopped to take this photo on Guadalupe Trail near my house. I rolled down my window and was trying to get just the right angle when I looked up and there was a huge truck behind me, patiently waiting for me to finish. At least I think he was patient. Anyway, these roses really remind me of my grandma's climbers in that beautiful "old world" color. I may have to paint this one.

This is a close up of a rose bush that looked more like a tree, the whole bottom was bare with a full head of roses blooming about 5 feet from the base. I wish the leaves hadn't covered it in the front. I may go back for another try.

These are roses - I have no idea what kind. They're on my street. They have a million colors in them; pinks, corals, reds, yellows. If anyone knows the name, please tell me because I think I have to have one.

Another mystery on my street. These look like peonies, but the leaves are wrong (I think). They are such a vibrant color.

Well, I know I should be painting right now but I'm not. Yet.

Last night was our meeting for the Alameda Studio Tour. We are working on getting artists (we have about 25, but they are not all committed yet). We had our meeting at one of the artist's houses. Well, two actually, husband and wife. She is a paper assemblage artist and he is a photographer. Beautiful work. A small house with a luscious little outdoor patio and lots of flowers and plants. I wish I had taken my camera. And a sweet little rescue pup that was no bigger than my hand but climbed all over me. The tour is coming along, we're still working on getting sponsors to help for the costs for brochures, maps, and all that kind of stuff.

I'm going to be posting thoughts and goings-on over the next two weeks before the show. Hopefully, some of them will be coherent. The only posts I will send by email to my followers will be the 150 Challenge paintings. So if you want to check in and read my silly writings from time to time, please do.

I'm gonna quit messing around and get to work. I'll sweep the studio and maybe paint those pretty red roses. Have a great evening.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

new 150 paintings

I have been working all day today and it was a joy, even though there's a lot of work involved and I am getting close to the end. I can feel it!

I thought I would show you my initial block in of the darkest darks in the finished painting below, which is my first step in beginning each painting. I did a rough sketch in paint, using lots of water with just a little bit of acrylic - just enough to show me the basic composition. You can see that I kept it loose and free.

The finished painting




If you look closely, you can still see those darkest darks. The second step after the darks is to hit the lightest highlights. Mainly so I can remember where they are. And then all of the middle values. I like this finished piece.

Okay, I have three new paintings, not including this one, that I just added to my 150 Challenge blog. That brings me to painting #38. Wow, so many to go, so little time.

To preview the new paintings, click: www.150challenge2011.blogspot.com.

Remember, if you see a painting you want, please call the gallery at 505-764-0302, and give them your information.
If no one else chooses your painting, it's yours for $150.

If someone else wants your painting, the gallery will draw a name and that person wins the painting for $150.

This will be the last 150 Challenge I do for a while - I have a lot of other things in the works, including possibly getting that little place up in Taos that I've been pining for, where I can and paint whenever the mood hits me. Maybe in 2013, I will do a 250 Challenge!




I am now being represented by One Artist Road Gallery in Santa Fe,

NM. This is a beautiful gallery located one block north of Santa Fe's historic plaza.

To view their gorgeous space and list of artists, click here.

The gallery also publishes a beautiful book called The Artist LookBook, of which I will be a part and have a one page spread of my own. So stay tuned for that sometime in June.

Between painting for both Weems galleries, One Artist Road, two upcoming shows, an Alameda Studio Tour, and my daily paintings, I should stay pretty busy.


I have six new 150 Challenge paintings! Hopefully after today, I will be in the #30s! This is the part I love best, getting down to the nitty gritty, deciding what to paint from the subjects I have left. To view the new paintings, click here.

It's nice and cloudy outside today and a great atmosphere for working.

I will also be dropping off and mailing over 1000 postcards for the 150 show. Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 15, 2011




I have these four paintings in my studio and this is the final clean-out before the 150 Challenge. Each painting is an incredible steal at $45 and that includes free shipping! If you would like one of these paintings, please be the first to email me at deesanchezart@hotmail.com and I will send you a paypal invoice.

They have all sold - thank you!




Saturday, May 14, 2011


Roy looking at this guy, thinking, what is this little tiny ball of attitude?

Good morning and isn't it a wonderful Saturday? I got up early, filled all of my hummingbird feeders (6) and fed all of my regular birds too. I probably won't get much painting done today - I've got a work out on my agenda, have a graduation thing, and probably varnishing about 30 paintings. Tomorrow I am working on postcards all day long. But I have every canvas left tagged with its subject matter and I can't wait to get to them all. It's gonna be a busy couple of weeks for me.
These photos you're seeing are so funny. I have this big huge yard and my pups are not very small. Well, they have been getting visited by this little small pup with an attitude. I don't know where he comes from or exactly what he is but he slips in the back gate, walks around the yard peeing on everything and acts like he owns the place. When I go outside or try to talk to him, he takes off. The first time he came in, I thought my dogs might try to attack him or bite him, but they don't know quite what to make of him. My daughter asked me, "But mom, why don't they bite him.? I said somehow they just know he's a puppy like them. Oh, the antics in my backyard.

"Yeah, I'm in your yard, so what?

My palette after a day of painting. I use a grey disposable palette that I cut to fit my tray. I can complete maybe three paintings with this palette, adding in a couple more quirts of titanium white when I need them.

Friday, May 13, 2011

new paintings

Some of the first roses blooming in the courtyard

I went to post four new pantings this morning and for some reason, Blogger wasn't working. It said that they may have also lost a few posts. I thought I had put up all the way to #53, but it shows #56 on my blog. So I will post them again and if they get them back, I'll have double on some numbers that will have to be removed.

To see the newest paintings, go to http://150challenge2011.blogspot.com.

I will be loading them now.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Click http://150challenge2011.blogspot.com to take a peek...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

two new 150 paintings...

Click the image above to check out two new 150 Challenge paintings. I'll have two more tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a big work day today


A quick note: I forgot to mention that the Colorado Magazine's online version has done a nice article on my work. You can find the issue here.

This is pretty much how my studio looks every morning when I come in. The first thing I do is let the pups out, give them half a gingersnap cookie and open up the door, turn on the computer, and check my emails. If I have someting to post to my blog, I will do it after breakfast.

The door opens up to the outside courtyard, which is really quite nice, but I hardly ever go out there.

The rolling cart usually holds all of my reference photos but I have really whittled them down for the show, so it's pretty empty and about to be filled up with toned canvases.

You can see a lucky horseshoe by the door, and my bookshelves are packed full and need to be decluttered. One of the shelves broke last week and all of my American Art Collector magazines ended up all over the floor.

There's the big sunflower painting waiting to be worked on, and of course, you can see one of the doggie beds, the other one is behind the table. I have to move them outside every morning so I can work.

In the very foreground is the mask I've been wearing when I'm varnishing the little paintings. Retouch varnish really can be overpowering. The big brown hinged panels hide all of my plein air painting supplies: tripods, boxes, rolling carts, etc., and other things that I have no idea where they go.

I've been thinking about painting the studio a pretty grey/green. What do you think?

Monday, May 09, 2011

my postcard is here!

My 150 Challenge postcard. I love it and I think it's beautiful!

If I do not have your name and address and you want one, please email it to me as soon as possible. I will post the back side text later.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Legacy Art Event

My cousin Goldie with Adam Beach - he's a Canadian actor starring with Harrison Ford in this summer's blockbuster, "Cowboys and Aliens."

My cousin Goldie with Lou Diamond Phillips, the ultimate star of the Legacy Event. He ate dinner at our table. Hey, why am I not in any of these pictures?? Actually, I was in this one. I cut myself out because I had the stupidest grin on my face.

This is Mike Moroff, an actor who has appeared in a ton of movies (La Bamba, Scarface, Desperado, Robocop, to name a few). He is intimidating as an auction room-watcher, enticing people to make bids for paintings.

This is my painting, next in line to be auctioned. It sold for $2000!

This is artist John Saunders, a Legacy favorite. He is also a fantastic pie-baker and has won three blue ribbons at the New Mexico State Fair.

This is his apple crumb and it sold for over $100.

We all had a fun night. The food was good, the celebrities were great and most of all, they sold lots of paintings that will provide art scholarships for students.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

new 150 paintings...

Hello everyone!
I have five new 150 Challenge paintings done and have I been busy!
I just finished these paintings.
I finished a 30"x40" painting for Legacy Art.
I varnished 20 paintings.
I framed 20 paintings ( a lot harder than it sounds).
I blocked in a commission.
I cleaned up my studio.
I have someone coming to pick up a painting in about an hour.
I have four boxes of frames to unpack and strip the cardboard off of (and the staples).
I have 20 more paintings to varnish tonight so I can frame them tomorrow.
And my sister in law just gave birth to a baby girl!
She wins.

To see the new paintings, click this link: www.150challenge2011.blogspot.com

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

work in progress



oil on canvas

This is my painting in progress for the upcoming Legaxy Art fundraiser this weekend. It's from a beautiful viewpoint up in Arroyo Hondo, near Taos. It just needs a bit of highlights to tweak and it's ready. I have painted it black around the sides.

Monday, May 02, 2011

new 150 Challenge paintings

Good evening everyone!

I am now on painting #67 of the 150 Challenge.

Not much time left so my days are pretty hectic right now. But I'm loving it!

I didn't paint these all in one day, but I haven't had time to post so sometimes they just have to all go at the same time!

I am wrapping up the several subjects: florals, landscapes, cloudscapes, sunsets, adobes, etc. Monday I will start churches, people, dancers, and animals. One of my last paintings might be a self portrait. And my #1 painting, just like the last show will be an angel. So stay tuned!

My postcard for the show is in production and it's really pretty this time.

My guitarist is lined up and we will have lots of good food at the show, so I hope you will all come down for a visit.

Remember, if you want particular paintings be sure to call the gallery at 505-764-0302, especially if you're out of state. If no one else picks your painting, it's yours for $150.

I will also have four more painting that will be $150 each - 2 9x12s, a 12x16, and a 16x20. Those range in value up to $600, so I hope you'll stop in for a look. I'm also working on a slideshow for an easier view of all the paintings. Night!

To see all of the new paintings, go to www.150challenge2011.blogspot.com.