Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hi everyone,
I am sorry this is taking so long! A big lightening storm knocked out my broadband modem. I got it replaced today and my web browser sites still aren't working. They think my computer may have a component damaged. So, I have called my computer guy and hopefully I will be up and running shortly. I am on my daughter's computer. You really don't realize what you have until it's gone!
Well, I finished up my aspen commission and am working on another 24'x48' aspen with clouds. This one doesn't require lines so I hope to finished by Sunday. I am also outlining a 30x40' poppy field painting for a benefit at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in September. That one should be done tomorrow. Then I am taking a couple of days off to clean my studio, house, etc., and get ready to start working on Weems Artfest. Time flies when you're having fun. I have a painting ready for auction but can't post it until my computer is fixed, so please bear with me. Have a great week!


  1. I sympathize. That happened to me last year about this time and I've replaced a lot of things. But, still haven't gotten my stove motor. TV and brand new computer came first. I have my priorities in order. I didn't have insurance. Now I do! It seems so catastrophic when it happens but now that a year has passed I don't feel quite so violated. You're lucky it didn't strike you.

  2. That's true. It didn't hit the house or anything like that.
    Thank you,

  3. Sorry to hear about your computer problems - hope everything works out soon and doesn't leave you too stressed and/or frustrated. :o) I didn't realize how addicted I was to your blog until I had to go a couple of days with no word and no painting to look at. :o) Look forward to your future posts and paintings.