Monday, December 29, 2008


When I was looking for a photo to post today, I came across this photo of the interior of a really nice hotel in Santa Fe. It seems fitting for today. Another year! A light of hope! New plans! New dreams! New ideas! New goals! A new chance to start over!
Well, let's start with new plans - I have set a big challenge for myself for my new show in June!
The show details are below.
My dreams for 2009 are to get in shape (this has many sub-goals), travel and spend more with my husband, have a big organic garden, begin a yoga practice, meditate every day, do more plein air painting trips, make some art videos, and help my two daughters to realize their dreams. I also want to meet more people who enjoy my art and just have more fun. Be spontaneous! I think the older we get, the more we forget how to just relax and enjoy being alive. I think all of my goals are realistic and very achievable.
Workwise: I have four commissions to paint and finish in the next two weeks - Dancers, Cosmos Field, Morning Glories, and the Taos Church.
I will try to post my paintings in the evening, along with a Paypal button. If you have any requests or ideas, please email them to me, as I'm in the planning stages ....
My new challenge starts next week for my show in June at Weems Gallery Old Town.
Here it is:
150 paintings
150 days
The paintings will range in size from 5x5 to 12x12. I will also paint a few larger sizes: 12x16, 16x20, and have one or two large paintings as well. All for $150 or less! A great time for you to beome a new collector, build up your current collection, or just come to the show to see if I met my challenge!
The show will culminate the first week in June at the Old Town gallery. There will be food, music, a painting giveaway, and more. I may start a new blog for your viewing just to keep track of my 150 paintings. Watch for that....

So, as you can see, there is A LOT of painting in my future. Thank you all for tuning in, keeping me sane, giving me good feedback, purchasing my work, and just being there. It's a great big beautiful world we live in, filled with good people, and I love you all.

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