Sunday, August 23, 2009

Two paintings available

This painting is from a photo taken at the Alameda Bridge near my home. It is a beautiful place and so peaceful. If you came to take a photo of this river every single day at the same time, it would never look the same. I love living near it - it's full of wildlife, and the trails near it are full of runners, walkers, bikers, joggers, and people just out taking a leisurely stroll with their pups. You know, that's an idea! A photo and painting of the river every day for a year. Hmm....Email me for purchase information.

This scene is just down the street from my house. It's an acequia in late, late summertime - the sunflowers are in bloom but on their way out. The water is peaceful and still. One day I was walking and a mother duck and her five little ducklings walked across the road and jumped in
the water. Wow, you just don't see that everyday! Email me for purchase information.
Don't know what's up with this huge font.

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