Saturday, February 13, 2010

Casa bookshelf progress

The beginning; a take on Van Gogh's STARRY NIGHT
The shelf is toned in my red/burnt sienna wash and loosely sketched with paint.

One of the bookshelf sides; grids spaced periodically and surrounded by a multitude of flowers

The other side; grids surrounded by sunflowers. You can see on the inside of the shelf - a starry night and a village scene below. The individual shelves are black with a gold line. I wasn't really pleased with the varnish. They stopped making my old one and I've been scouting out new ones. This one is glossy and the finish seemed a little tacky. I may redo it with a new matte varnish that has no shine. Anyway, it's done, and Monday I'm back to daily painting and painting for Artfest and working on the Weems poster painting. Happy Valentine's Day!

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