Saturday, March 06, 2010

My cousin Kay Byrd's work. It was so interesting, this painting is for an upcoming event for Casa Esperanza, and she brought it to my studio for varnishing. I left it sitting on the easel and when the sun hit it in the morning, the yellow glow showed through the back of the canvas,
highlighting the moon. You can't even hardly see the moon if you look at the painting on the wall. I just thought it looked awesome.
You'll probably notice that I haven't posted in a while, I've had some gall bladder issues and have been sidelined by that. I may have to have surgery but am not sure yet. I will be feeling fine and then have these attacks that are just so painful.
But I bought a couple of art magazines to get me motivated and inspired and they have worked. I will be in this weekend, finishing up two commissions and a piece for a new book to commemorate Legacy Art's 10th anniversary of their annual fundraising event. Stay tuned and if you'd like to read my weight loss blog, go to:

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