Monday, April 05, 2010

Hello everyone -
An update! I am finally better from my gall bladder surgery, five days into recovery. On day three, my blood pressure would not come down and I felt like I coulldn't catch my breath. This has gone away, thank goodness, and I am feeling better every day.
I drove my car today and am taking short walks.
I finished a small commission and hope to get back to daily painting this week.
Thanks for all of the caring and comments and thanks to those of you that sent e-cards. I love them!


  1. Hello Dee,
    I wondered why I hadn't heard from you. I know what you are going through. I had gallbladder surgery about 15 years ago. I'd had minor attacks for several years, but I thought I was going to die when the big one hit. I had the new process too, but there was so much fluid (infection) in my chest I ended up staying 5 days in the hospital. I will tell you one thing, you will not be able to digest high fat foods anymore. I'm glad everything went well, and I'm sure you will feel much better and be back to your old routine soon--but not too soon. Take it easy for awhile.
    Almira in Oklahoma

  2. i never commented before, but i follow your blog quite some time now and after reading about your health situation, i just wanted to wish you a good recovery!

    and keep on painting! i like your paintings.