Wednesday, October 10, 2012


These are just a few of the photos I took last weekend.
I can't describe how fun it is to be at this event.

This is my tentative schedule for the next few days:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - 6am - 11am for mass ascensions, 
then back from 4:30 - 7:30pm for the glow.

 This is a photo of part of my booth after the morning crowd.

 This is a group of gifted kids on a trip to the Fiesta from Amarillo, Texas. 
The balloons didn't go up, but they were still upbeat. 
They were headed to the zoo and aquarium.

 Hats and caps make a huge appearance on the field.
This little girl was half asleep at about 6am in the morning.

 Another hat, this one a little more patriotic and with matching sunglasses!

 Another view of my booth and paintings.

 I wasn't watching the balloons so much as admiring 
the watercolor-like puffy clouds and beautiful sky.

 Right over my head.

 Two balloons bumping each other.

 This is a balloon "referee." Instead of striped referee outfits, they are zebras. 
He looked awesome!

 A lady's balloon pin hat.

 My husband Mac and my cousin Larry, from Dallas,.Texas. 
Mac, thank you for helping me with almost every aspect of my show:
your advice, your loading, your boxing, your hanging of lights, and carrying of heavy things, you making sure I don't forget everything, your bringing me food and making sure I get enough rest, your dropping me off early in the morning, a million other things, and most of all, for dealing with my crankiness!
Larry, you and Shelly and your mom helped me so much during the days you were here!
Making signs, bagging magnets, being restroom monitor, getting me things I need, bringing us food, sweeping, shutting us down at night, and just being so darned upbeat. 
I couldn't have done any of it without you guys, so thank you!

 A more complete view of the booth.

 Balloon glow in the evening - this is an amazing sight.
If you look behind teh balloons, you can seethe horizon line.

 Holy Mother of Elvis, Stacy, it's the Elvis balloon.
This is for you!

 A lady's balloon jacket.

 I think this is a butterfly.

 The "When Pigs Fly" balloon.

 I'm not sure if these are gas balloons, but they are shaped like Easter eggs.

I woke up to the dogs barking and this balloon flying low over my trees.
They said good morning to me!

Okay, Thursday and Friday mornings are the Shapes mass ascension.
Thursday and Friday evenings are the Shapes Glow and fireworks.
Saturday and Sunday morning are mass ascension.
Saturday night will be the last glow and fireworks.
Come on out and see me!

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