Friday, March 07, 2014

new retro paintings




I am finally getting in the groove - whew, it has taken what feels like forever 
to embrace the linework again.
Now I am loving it!

I am almost finished with 146 and will be posting that tonight.

My main goal for Saturday is to sit down and make a big chart
showing how many weeks I have until September 26.
Then I will spend time dividing up my larger paintings
and ornaments into those weeks - mainly so I don't have a million 
paintings and ornaments to do close to the show opening.

I also am making labels for my postcards for the first time!
I have always written my postcard addresses by hand.
It seems more personal and when I'm writing,
I'm thinking back to that person and the painting they bought,
and the experiences that we had then and have shared since then.

Some clients are first time buyers, some are one-time buyers,
and some are fanatical in their collecting.
I love them all! 

I am also organizing my first day trip of the new year and I can't wait.
I think it's going to be a loop - Tesuque, Chimayo, Truchas,
and back down through Abiquiu and Black Mesa.
That's taking on a lot for one day, I may end up having to tone it down, but we'll see.
I'm trying to hold off until spring is really here so I can see lots of green in the landscape.

I will be taking photos for the retro Challenge and plan to take
 my oil plein air gear so I can paint out on location.
I am really missing that right now.

I also want to set up a small plein air group to paint my neighbor's back yard.
It will soon be full of larkspurs and roses and wildflowers.

Bill's Yard

Thanks for watching and supporting my work!
To see all of the Retro challenge paintings, click HERE.
Remember, the Retro Challenge show opens Friday, September 26, 2014!

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