Monday, June 09, 2014

simple things

Hi all - 

I am not writing about art tonight.
I drove around town a couple of days ago for about an hour 
and took pictures of anything that struck my fancy.

I have been mentally kind of under the weather since January 
and I just needed some simple (and beautiful) things to life my spirits.

Flowers will do it every time.

I'm making them extra large because that's how I saw them.

 Pear cactus in my neighborhood
Even the spent blossoms are interesting.

 cholla cactus  
The yellow is the old stem that held the flower. 

a yard full on Coreopsis near the Rio Grande Nature Center

 beautiful hollyhocks near Old Town

and the metal mariachis - so cool!
If they don't put you in a good mood, then I don't know what does!
Back to art tomorrow...

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