Friday, July 11, 2014



I have been remiss in not posting more often but 
i just really haven't had time.

I've been painting a lot, getting ready for the retro Challenge show.
To see all Retro paintings so far, click HERE.

 This painting is #89, "TAOS CASITA."

I'm also working on a large 30x30" painting for 
Weems Gallery's upcoming one day $285 show.
It's on Saturday, July 19, and everything in the show
is $285 or less.

I figured painting a sunset would be the easiest to do
and I love the colors in this one.

 I finally had time to run by and take pictures of my favorite field.
There is a gorgeous background of the Sandia mountains.
I went a little late in the day so the lighting is not great,
but I have never seen the field this green.
And the clouds were perfection.

One of the reasons I haven't posted so much is because of my granddaughter.
Man, I love this girl.
She just had surgery to repair her cleft lip and this is about a week after surgery
when her stitches came out.
She's not very smiley yet, because I think her mouth is still sore.
They also repaired part of her palette inside and I think that is sore too.

She has her next surgery to repair the palette inside her mouth in October.

I have my Retro show September 26 and Weems Artfest on November 13. 14, 15, and 16.
If I don't have any paintings for the Artfest show,
 I hope you will still come by and say hi - just kidding (I hope).

 I managed to get out to Corrales for about five minutes last week to take photos of
my favorite cornfield.
I also ran across this chile field at irrigation time. 
Love this photo.
I can't wait to take more pics when the chile is higher and ready to harvest.

 Here is a photo of the cornfield, it still looks really awesome, 
especially with the mountains in the background.

hollyhocks in my neighborhood on the same day

Well, I have lots of ideas rolling around in my head right now:

- finishing up the Retro show small paintings
 - painting 50 ornaments for same show
 - painting 20 large paintings for same show
- painting for Weems Artfest
- Sawyer's surgery in a couple of months
- knee replacement surgery in January and again in late April
- getting back to daily paintings for sale
- painting figures
- a new direction with plein air painting
- finding a little truck to facilitate my plein air adventures
- looking for a little house in Taos
- more date nights with my husband
- teaching some workshops
- starting a women's art group

And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Please hang in there with me and if I'm not posting that often,
it's because life is calling!


  1. Good grief Dee! Slow down and enjoy your life a bit. I am exhausted reading your blog. Thanks for sharing the photos of Corrales and of Sawyer. I have thought of her from time to time despite never having met her. I am glad she is one the mend.

    I have been painting in France for ten days and am heading to Maine this week to paint the coast for 15 days: Andrew Wyeth country. I really look forward to sleeping with the windows open, listening to the waves pound the coast, and breathing cool air.

  2. Carol, I think you are WAY busier than me, lol.
    Have a fun time in Maine and I bet you loved France.