Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Three new paintings finished!

To see all three paintings, click HERE.

Life is passing by way too fast right now.

Here's my schedule though Christmas:

63 small paintings to complete
50 ornaments
20 larger paintings
Exhibition opening on Friday, September 26
Commission for a large painting for a new Dion's pizza
8 day paint out in Corrales 
Weems Artfest in November

Makes me tired just looking at it in writing!

My motto is just keep at it.
Small increments every day and it gets done.
Well, we hope.


  1. Dee will you save this one for me? I love it! Do you still have my email? Let me know if I can buy it.

  2. Dee, I love this old truck painting! Can I buy it?

  3. Karen,
    Hi, thanks!
    The show is September 26.
    I will send you details and yes,
    you will be able to purchase.