Monday, October 06, 2014

Fall is really here in New Mexico!

The Balloon Fiesta is happening for the next six days,
leaves are falling, the temperature is cooler.

And I am itching to take a day trip SO bad.

BUT - I have to work on paintings for Weems Artfest before
I can even think about going anywhere.

This is the first large painting I am doing specifically for Artfest.
I started off in acrylic because that's what I've been painting
for the last seven months.
I love the piece but my intent was to line it
and I just don't want to.

I was going for a more abstract look and I like this.
So, what do you think: lines or no lines?


I also hear that Abiquiu is having their studio tour next weekend.
I want to go!
Click HERE for more information.

The Retro Challenge is almost over.
Only a few more days to pick out your paintings and then they will be gone.
Some of them will reappear at Artfest but they won't be $150.
If you are interested, click HERE for the Retro site 
with all of the available paintings, 
and call Weems Gallery at 505-293-6133 if a painting speaks to you!

Take care, enjoy life, and i will write more tomorrow....



I know you really had moved past lines before the retro challenge into something that was growing for you. So I would say "no lines" but ONLY if that is what YOUR heart says. The Artfest now? When is your break? Maybe we can go to Abiqui this weekend.

Dee Sanchez said...

Carol, I skipped Artfest last year so I thought I'd better this year. Want to take a day trip soon, but no time!!