Thursday, July 23, 2015

100 Figures

Okay, I have painted maybe five figures in my painting lifetime.
They scare me.
I mean, really scare me.

I am starting to paint landscapes for my upcoming November show
 and I was thinking about my daily paintings.

I don't want to paint daily little landscapes
 AND bigger "Painting the North landscapes" for the next three months.
I will be "landscape crazy."

What can I do that is different?
For the viewer and for me?

So I came up with an idea.
I am going to paint LITTLE FACES AND FIGURES daily on 
6x6 and 6x8 panels up until the opening of my show.
I have tons of reference material to work from.
I will just pull one out of the pile and get to work.

Who knows, maybe I will fall in love with figures - who knows?
I'm pretty sure I will learn something!

Follow along if you dare....


  1. Sounds like a productive crisis to me. Follow you had the idea...that is intuition...go with it!