Thursday, October 22, 2015

it's coming, it's coming....

 It's almost that time again!
I love the holiday season. Not Halloween so much, 
but I love the fact that it's means the beginning of all of the holiday craziness.
Things that come to mind are:
ornament making, pumpkin carving, turkey cooking,
fudge making, tree hunting, coldness,
luminarias, and that exciting and wonderful time of family
and just being together.

 We had quite a bit of rain the past two days,
but today the sun is out and shining bright.
Which means I will be working in the studio on a couple of commissions.
I find it very hard to work on cloudy, gloomy days.

There are lots of things on my mind right now:

getting all of my work gathered and delivered
for the upcoming Sumner and Dene show on november, 6,
planning another fundraising NMDOG event, 
enjoying my graddaughter's second birthday,
enjoying MY birthday, spending Thanksgiving with our Nana,
making a Christmas wreath, etc.

 These were my wreath making supplies from last year.

 Our nana's house with the sunset's last glow
I should have shot this a little straighter.
It will probably still become a painting one day.

Stockings at one of my favorite antique stores,
which just closed. Bah!
But there are two more that opened up in the area, 
and i look forward to exploring those.
All of the antique stores in the area 
have a super holiday SHOP AND STROLL,
usually the first weekend in December.
They offer posole, treats and goodies,
and sales on everything!
I will be there.

So, I say enjoy and embrace the holiday craziness.
After all, it only happens once a year.
And don't worry about those annoying family members and in-laws.
One day you won't have them around and 
Christmas might just be a little more lonely and boring.
Feliz Navidad in advance!!

Oh, and I will post the information
 about the upcoming SOUP AND SANTA event tomorrow.
There will be a limited number of tickets sold, so be watching.....

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