Sunday, July 17, 2016

Party Time!


My studio really does look like an art gallery today.
I cleared out some big easels and other bulky things
and I never realized my studio was actually this big.

I have ordered food, made food (am still making food),
my band is ready and will be coming early to set up
and relax before playing almost two hours for my guests.

We have 65 people on the guest list.

I have quite a few paintings available:

150 Challenge paintings
plein air paintings
palette knife paintings,
and more.

I will take pics of the party
 and I also have a surprise for my online
viewers next week - 
Details to follow.

I will be doing quite a bit of plein air painting
the rest of the year.
I really want to build up a good inventory of plein air work.
Taos, Abiquiu, Chimayo, Tuchas, here I come!

I plan on working on a series of small figures and nudes.

Also, want to start a local women's art collective
 for support and collaborative exhibition opportunites.

Life is full and have a blessed day!


  1. Your party was amazing. My gosh the number of friends you have and all buyers!!!! Your top photo shows the lovely painting I bought and cherish with my heart.. Painting title is "Summer Song in Flowers" I look forward to painting plein air with you in October and November. Let's hit the road and spend nights out!

  2. So happy for you. What a fabulous accomplishment...I just adore all the are so darn talented!!!