Monday, July 17, 2017

back in the flower field


 I had a chance to paint this past Sunday with my friend Barbara Clark.
We painted at one of our favorite gardens in Corrales.

I found a shady spot under the trees and set up my gear.

As I was setting up, a mama turkey
and four babies walked into my line of vision near the tomato plants.
They were SO cute!
The babies, I mean.
The mama just stared at me like she meant business
and I better not come any closer.
I didn't.
And I forgot to get a photo!

 This is my shady spot under the peach trees

 I did not want to get out of my bed on Sunday morning and almost didn't go.
I grabbed a limited palette - 
titanium white, cad yellow light, alizarin permanent, and ultramarine blue. 

 Man, I did not realize how hard it is (for me) to 
work with a limited palette.
There are some light magenta-looking hollyhocks 
in the background and if someone can tell me how to get that
color with only those four colors, let me know, because
I say it's IMPOSSIBLE.
You need a permanent rose, or a quinacridone magenta!

THIS color!
This was a beautiful hollyhock and
I didn't paint it because, 
well, I couldn't make it happen.

 coming along


I actually like the finished painting.
It has a soft, impressionistic feel.
I tried adding some magenta but it looked out of place.
Maybe a limited palette has its good points!

I finished that painting and wanted to paint 
something bigger but I didn't want to move
my chair out from the cozy shade.

As I looked around, I spotted Barb painting away.
She was in a little field of hollyhocks, coneflowers,
and other wildflowers.
So, she was my next subject!

I am sketching and blocking in here.

The painting has too much yellow but I was tired
of mixing greens and will do more work in the studio.

Not sure if this one is finished yet.
I will sit with it for a while.

So Barb and I were both happy and energized
when we finished. 
I hadn't actually painted since Questa on June 24, 
so I needed to get back to it.

Now on to the next one!


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