Sunday, August 18, 2019

Art Party is coming....only two weeks left!

Hi everyone,

I have been busy painting and getting ready for the Art Party
happening on Sunday, September 1st.

Today is my last day painting.
Tomorrow and the next two weeks are all about cleaning the studio,
inventorying the paintings, 
hanging and displaying artwork, ordering and making Mexican food,
picking up tables and chairs,
designing some new postcards, etc.

I am letting you in on something.

If you've never been to my Art Party:


That's right, for this evening only,
every painting in my studio will be on sale for
half of its normal price.

This is a payback from me to all of my supporters, clients, 
family and friends.

So if you are not yet registered for the Art Party,
there are 11 spots left.

To register, email me at

Okay, have to get back to work.
6x8s are on the schedule for today.

(P.S. There will be a surprise for online customers
the DAY AFTER the party. Stay tuned.)

These are a few paintings that will be available:

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