Wednesday, June 23, 2021

a little plein air

Good morning!
Yesterday I met my friend Barb Clark at a 
beautiful local vineyard.
It was so quiet, no one was there, the birds were chirping,
the breeze was swaying...
I hadn't painted on location since before all
of my tooth issues, so it felt so good just to be outside!

We painted from 9am to about 11am,
then it really started to get hot.

I packed up, came home, ate lunch, and crashed out.
I felt so weak from just that little excursion.

I came away with these two paintings,
which I'm kind of proud of.

The top one is a palette knife piece and the bottom is
just the view of the mountains and flowers all around me.

Today I am working on varnishing and framing some
paintings to take to the gallery.

And I'm making cookies!
And I might go for a soak in the spa.
And I have to take a shower.
Most definitely that!

So I hope you enjoy these two paintings.
Where will my next destination be?


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