Thursday, December 13, 2007


I just finished this painting and I have tomorrow night's ready too.
I will post my commission underpainting tomorrow night
along with the new daily painting up for auction.
I'm trying to finish what seems to me like a million things;
one commission, daily paintings, a free painting giveaway, four ornaments, a 12x16, an 8x10, an 18x24 for my brother,
five smaller paintings as gifts, and a larger piece also as a gift.
I also have an overwhelming need to go out and paint on location right now.
I feel a mad craving to be like Georgia O'Keefe and take all of my paintings to a hotel room, line them up, and think about what I want to do next.
I want to paint some small oils, I want to paint people, I want to do only really large works that take forever to outline. I want to start searching for galleries in Santa Fe and Taos. I want a studio in Taos!

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