Thursday, August 21, 2008


My Balloon Painting
It's finally done. I love it. I think it's whimsical, playful, colorful, and it shows a lot of New Mexico: the Rio Grande River, chamisa, cottonwoods, sunflowers, the Gazebo at Old Town, the Hyatt Hotels downtown, the Sandia Pueblo, the Sandia Mountains, a beautiful valley landing-take off field, and our starry New Mexico nights. And balloons! Now I just need a TITLE. Help me out!!


Anonymous said...

Albulloons or Alballoons

Anonymous said...

The Light Fantastic

Would you like to leave the dancers outside on Saturday? I have church 9-12 and could drop by after--that's AM! ha ha. Have been out of state for about 10 days; am happy to be back. Balloon painting is SO FUN!


Anonymous said...

how about balloon festival?

Anonymous said...

how about:
twighlights sprinkles of albuquerque

Anonymous said...

twighlights sprinkles

Anonymous said...

This is for "Balloon Fiesta 2008" right?

Dee Sanchez said...

Yes, the painting is for Balloon Fiesta 2008. Thanks for the title comments, I'm going to give them all the Balloon Fiesta and let them pick!

Cara Dawn Romero said...

Naming my own work is always a problem for me. Here are three versions of the same general idea -(please forgive my poor command of the language but you get the idea)

Las Estrellas Que Levantan

Estrellas de Levantaminto

El Aumento de Estrellas

Anonymous said...

What's "Valley of the Balloons" in Spanish?

Dee Sanchez said...

I don't know, but that's good! I will find out.

MistiRose said...

How about "Flights of Fancy"? :)

Without looking at your Blog I knew this had to be for the Balloon Festival and I'm not from New Mexico.

Greetings from Oklahoma.