Saturday, January 30, 2010

"IN PURPLE" work in progress...

in progress
Wow, it has been one crazy week! I don't know where the time is gone. Well I do, I guess.
Monday I took a dear friend for a mammogram and went to the gym. Tuesday my cousin's car broke, so took her to work, went to work out, picked her up, and the day was pretty much over. Wednesday, my dear friend had to go back for another mammogram (they thought they found something). She is 87 and was a little worried. She came out with the biggest smile on her face and it was nothing. My cousin's car still wasn't working, so I happily played taxi and the next day I gad to take her for a couple of serious tests at the hospital. Went to work out, picked her up (everything was okay), then my car decided that it's water pump was broken, so I'm dealing with that right now. It has been CRAZY! My husband has been sick with a bad cold, and right now I am cooking beans becuase I am going to work at Project Share tonight - a nice place that makes meals for people who need them.
Anyway, this is a work in progress for the first painting for Artfest. I will start posting on February 1st. I am excited about that. Also, I am doing a show at Weems Old Town in May, just a small one, but they asked and said no stress, just give us what you have, so I will create something cool for them. They are a joy to work with. Anyway, just sort of checking in. If you're interested in my weight loss challenge blog, here's the link: Bye!

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