Sunday, May 30, 2010

Good morning!
It's Memorial Day weekend. Wow, I can't believe that its already the end of May. In 8 weeks my youngest daughter will be getting married. I am excited for that - we haven't had a wedding in our family for a long time and I am looking forward to seeing all the family together and having some serious fun!
They are having a DJ and I have given them my playlist of songs to dance to, and they said they are putting them all on the DO NOT PLAY list! How mean is that? Actually I listen to music that is popular today too, including pop and rap, we like a lot of the same music. But not all!
I am really writing today to pump myself and get motivated to paint. I have a lot of work waiting for me and so many things to do and things I WANT to do, yet I am procrastinating big time.
My studio needs cleaning. I clean it up, get ready to paint, and then BAM! I mess it up again. Right now it is full of small boxes that came in the mail with painting supplies, the dog's big pillows are taking up the floor space, and it's dusty and needs a good straighten-up. I did just buy the coolest thing on ebay though - a small thumb pochade box for painting. It's tiny but fits on my tripod. It's handmade from a cigar box from Nicaragua. I am never happy with my plein air painting stuff but this is cool. I have a 9"x12' guerilla paint box that holds absolutely everything. BUT, it's big and bulky and heavy to carry. I am anxious to try out this new one because I can pull my car up to any spot, take a chair and my umbrella out of the back and put this little tiny thing in my lap or use it with the tripod. I can also just sit and paint inside my car if I choose, which is nice during the winter season.
I must admit, I am torn right now. I am known for my studio paintings and my linework, which I love. But which also tedious. I could paint three times as many paintings if I left out the lines. And I love plein air painting. And I love making HUGE paintings too. So which is it? I am trying to do everything and I think that's why I feel stuck right now. I am trying to look at what the public would prefer but I am also trying to look at it from my "artist's" point of view. Do I want to just make work that people want and that sells better than anything else? Or do I want to get out of my comfort zone and create work that I love, is easier to do, but may not sell as well? I think it comes down to linework versus unlined work. I've been painting now for 8 years coming up this November, so I may keep it the same for the next two years while I hammer out a new plan. I REALLY want to just travel all over New Mexico and paint, paint, paint. I could be happy never leaving this gorgeous state. I want to paint people. I want to teach. I want a co-op studio with other artists. I want my own gallery/studio. I want to paint humongous paintings that garner national attention. I want to do a series on the women and the town of Willard, NM, which is where my husband's momma grew up. I want to exercise and get lean and fit. And sometimes I just want to curl up with a good book and have no responsibilities. Help!


  1. Dee--Sounds like a plan to me :>)
    We started a co-op studio and gallery in April. We have 10 artists and we rent a lovely renovated loft space downtown Norman. Each of us spend two days a month manning the studio. We have a variety of art. Norman has a 2nd Friday Circuit of art each month and we had our grand opening on the 2nd Friday in April. I bet we had over 400 people come into our little co-op. So far, we've had one person leave, but we have many on our waiting list. It's great fun and great exposure. Our gallery is called Gallery 123; I'll send you our next e-letter.
    Almira in Norman, OK

  2. Dee - your goals sound so much like my own - I wish I was there - we'd get together and get going on them ASAP!!!
    The idea of painting all day each day - and being in NM to do it is what I really want.
    Somedays I ask myself how much longer I'm going to have to wait to move on to doing what I feel I am really meant to do. Each year I announce to everyone that I will only work at my job one more year and then take the leap - but it just doesn't happen - the mortgage and life in general happens instead -

  3. I have told my students for years, "Do what you love, the rest will follow." Trust me on this. With great regard for your work and the "Art Spirit" (from "The Art Spirit," by Robert Henri) within you.

    Peace and continued good things for you in your work and in life.


  4. Thanks for all the nice comments. The idea of a gallery/working studio of my own has always intrigued me, but then I think, do I really want to be tied down and HAVE to be there when I'd rather be somewhere else? But Almira, it sounds like you're having a great time with it. Cara, you just need to get out here and really start living your life! Sell your house, and get out here and rent a tiny little place and let's go paint NM! Natasha, thank you about the lines, I guess it's been over almost 8 years now and people love the lines, and I do too, but I need to stretch myself in other directions too. Diane, thank you for your nice words too. We artists must support each other and you guys do a great job. Peace and happiness to you all!

  5. Hi Dee - you sounds normal to me - don't we all want those same things? :o) You are so successful with your lined paintings, can you keep that up for the money and squeeze in more plein air, unlined for yourself, and work them into the sales area a little at a time. I bet you'd find that you would not attract a wider range of collectors, the line people as well as the plein air people. You do such great work - I admire you greatly.

  6. Typos - ugggggggg. Sounds should have been sound. I bet you'd find that you would (not) - the word not should NOT have been there. How do these things happen? :o) I should go to bed! :o) Sorry for the mess.

  7. Chris,
    Thanks, I will probably do exactly that. Who knows, I may stick to the lined work. But I know plein air and unlined are calling my name! So what are your artistic plans??