Thursday, May 20, 2010


Yesterday, after running errands end exercising, I decided to take the backroads home so I could meander around and look at yards and houses. I came across a lovely house down one street and the front planting bed was just FILLED with these heavenly beauties! I got out and asked the sweet lady who lived there if she would allow me to take some photographs of her flowers. I explained that I was a painter and she said she would be honored. Well, it was already the middle of the day, so I told her I would come back the next day early in the morning - which was today. I took over 120 photos of these poppies and I can see making paintings out of all of the 91 photos I ended up loading onto my computer. Aren't they just beautiful?


  1. They are wonderful - hopefully some of that sunchine is headed our way - its been rainy and gloomy way too long.

  2. I can see these as Dee Sanchez paintings in the future. Beautiful!