Monday, September 06, 2010

A big sunflower at the Corrales Grower's Market
fall days are coming....

Look at those tomatoes and Indian corn

Wow, today is Labor Day and I can't believe it feels like fall now. It's not really that cool, crispy kind of air yet, but you can tell it's coming. I went to two grower's markets this weekend! It is really nice to be able to buy locally grown produce. And the vendors there are SO friendly. A lot of people bring their dogs, which is nice and I go early, so the shadows on the ground are wonderful. I'm taking photos to paint a whole series of figurative paintings of people from all over - the lavender festival, the grower's market, the state fair, etc. One of these days....
I am almost finished with my Sandias commission. I'm in the process of organizing the Weems Artfest schedule (which is very behind, by the way). I am doing large paintings all of September, and medium-small paintings in October. Then I will be rounding our the rest the paintings during the first two weeks of November. After the Weems show is over, I'm packing my bags and traveling all over New Mexico in my quest to become New Mexico's best plein air painter. THAT will take some time! And I'm trying to balance all of this with weight loss, which is in a stagnation state right now.
More later....


  1. okay Dee, Great stuff now get painting LOL

  2. I'm working on it - I finished three today!