Sunday, September 19, 2010

new work in progress...large floral poppies

Line work stage. working upside down. This way I don't pay attention to what I'm lining, it's all just shapes and shadows and color.

work in progress
My favorite paintings - large masses of wildflowers with a few larger flowers as a focal point. This is fun to paint and even more enticing to put in the lines. It's tedious work and I have to get up and walk away periodically, in order to be able to focus on regular objects, like the television or a book.
I will be working on this one today. It probably won't be finished until sometime next week. Tomorrow I start a brand new 24"x30" commission. That one will be a secret until it's complete. This week I also have some nice new brushes and lots of large canvases to tone. Also two 8"x10" oil paintings to prepare for framing that were accepted into a museum show in Taos. Fall is here and I am busy busy, but I'm lovin' it. I want to go to the state fair this week too! Have a great Sunday....go Chiefs!

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