Friday, December 17, 2010

let it snow...I think

We had about 4 or so inches of snow last night. Much needed moisture - but this tree didn't think so. The weight of the snow collapsed it right out of the ground. My birds will be disappointed to see the flowing plum go. They had a nice hanging bird feeder that will have to be relocated.

My 2 year old Bella hasn't seen a lot of snow. She's looking out over the back field and I can just imagine her thoughts, "What is this wet, mushy stuff, where do I pee, and how soon can I get back into the studio and a warm blanket?" She did have a lot of fun bounding around though.
In other news: prayers for my cousin Stacy, whose dad passed away this morning - love is flowing through the wires.
I have done NO Christmas shopping yet and just want to stay inside and snuggle. I also have studio work to complete by this weekend, so better get some breakfast and get to work. Have a wonderful day and thanks to all who snapped up paintings in the STUDIO SALE.

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