Sunday, December 05, 2010

what a fun day...antiquing!

A barn owl at THE FAT FINCH shop - he was absolutely beautiful. They also had a little screech owl. I'll show him later. The trainer said he really doesn't screech at all. Beautiful shop.

My cousin and I went to this little store - it was actually more a junk store than an antique store. We started trying on hats and started laughing and could not stop. I had tears coming out of my eyes. Everyone should have a good belly laugh once a week!

I can not describe how beautiful this was. This is at Alameda Greenhouse near my home. They had several rooms like this, it looked like a FIELD of ponsettias. They also had white ones, pink ones, and some lemon and orange trees - with FRUIT ON THEM! It was fantastic and really put us in the Christmas spirit.
Click on the photos for a large image view.

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