Tuesday, August 02, 2011

short trip to Madrid yesterday

The most beautiful sky yesterday! I had to go to Johnson's Gallery to pick up paintings and I decided to drive almost to Santa Fe and take the turnoff that way, going through Galisteo and Cerrillos. It looked like it had rained - everything looked so clean and the clouds and sky were just luscious!

This is the steeple of the church in Cerrillos. It was pretty quiet, probably because it was a Monday, but I did see a few people hanging out, taking pictures.

The view coming down into Madrid from Cerrillos. What you see here is Main Street with all of the little shops, galleries, and markets.

A sunflower out in front of a little shop in Cerrillos. This will defnitely be a painting!

Maybe a large oil for the upcoming September 4 Weems show.

This was leaving Madrid and heading towards Golden and Cedar Crest. Aren't the colors just gorgeous? I wish I would've had more time to just cruise around - I would've loved to go to Galisteo.

This morning I went to pick up canvas - now I have nine of the ten 30x40 canvases I need and the other one should be in by Friday. Now if only my frames get here in time. They're being made and not promised by show date.


  1. Looks like a beautiful day for a road trip - great pictures! Thanks for sharing -

  2. maybe soon you can come out and paint - wouldn't that be a blast??