Thursday, March 01, 2012

Trip to Taos

We went to Taos a couple of days ago to look at a piece of property and I got a couple of nice photos I thought I'd share with you. This one I snapped along the highway. The foreground was a blur of something (guardrails?) but it reminded me of trees or water and I loved the way the sunlight hit the hills and the blue of the mountains in the background.

This was the sunset driving on the relief route that you hit before you get to Santa Fe. It's a way to bypass the city and saves you about five minutes. I don't usually like to take it because I LIKE seeing the town of Santa Fe and everything that goes along with that. But then I would've missed the unobstructed view of this, so I can't complain.

We stayed at my brother-in-law's house and spent the night in their kiva. A kiva is a round room like the one you see here. The walls are curved and there are two king-sized beds for guests. I slept pretty darn good. The light coming through the open area on the right wakes you up REAL early.

Okay, you guys have seen me paint this scene before. This is the valley of Valdez and the last time I shot photos here, those grey trees were the most magnificent yellow and gold. During the dead of winter, it's still a stunning image. If you keep following the trees, you go straight to Taos Ski Valley.

Another view of Valdez. Why are those trees still that golden color?
Look at the color in winter foliage!
I see greys, blues, rusts, golds, reds, purples, and several shades of green.

These were two sheds, one of them on the property we looked at. The property was nice - it just wasn't THE property. I'm still holding out for my little old adobe fixer-upper. But don't you think this will make a nice painting?

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