Tuesday, March 19, 2013

seeing red...in more ways than one


Today has been a weird day.
It started off really well - I woke up, slept good, then went to Planet Fitness to work out.
I had a good workout riding the bike for 45 minutes. Until...
Until I went to get into my car, and it wouldn't start.

Okay, I'm pretty laid back.
I usually just try to let things roll off of me.
I don't usually get very stressed.
BUT....we have put over $2000 into this car just since August.
I was seeing red. Lots of red. Frustrated red.
So my trusty husband came and jump-started me and off we went to the mechanic.

Turns out we need a new battery. Another $155.
But worth it for a car that runs and starts when I need it to.

So I got dropped off at my house, and I was so tense.
Just hyped up and couldn't seem to get motivated to do anything.
I decided to make myself some lunch, sat down on the couch 
and became a certified couch potato for an hour.
I watched Millionaire Matchmaker and LA Shrink.
Those two crazy shows put my problems into perspective and I felt better.

I finally made it into the studio and finished toning my panels.
And yes, they were red. But a calming reddish-orange, not mean and angry red.
And I slowly began to breathe again.....

Here are a few photos my toning process.

 On the left is a SOLD commission still life in the works.
It will be a blue vase of poppies. And the poppies will be sort of a dark fuschia red.
the red you see in that little red frame on the right.

When I tone, I do the panels all at once and they are put everywhere - on top of photos, 
on top of a roll of upstanding paper towels, on top of my paints. 
I even have one balancing on top of my trash can.
But look at how organized my table looks!
Enjoy it while it lasts...

 Oh I'm sorry, I have not one but TWO panels balanced on my trash can.
I even have one lying on top of my brushes. 
My bad.

A semi-arial view of toned canvas everywhere.
I think I toned about seventy-five of those babies.
Now what to do?

More on that later....


  1. Very fine. I hope we get to see how they evolve. It is a weird and sad day, the ten-year anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq. I posted a poem and photo. Perhaps you were connecting somehow, energetically with that. I'm glad your car issue was only the battery. Peace,


  2. Diane,
    Maybe that's true - it sortof registered in the back of my mind and I've been seeing a lot of Cheney/Bush stuff on tv and facebook. It will wear off and I hope to be bright and cheery tomorrow.
    I think I'm kind of floating too right now, not sure what I want to do in the way of art for the next 9months!