Sunday, March 17, 2013

tools rule

 As most of you know, my trusty Canon Powershot camera broke 
and I've been using my tiny tiny Sony Cybershot until I'm able to go camera shopping.
I think I finally figured out how to take close ups with this little one, 
but I feel like I'm using a child's toy!

 Wow, it was warm yesterday and all of my apricot buds opened up.
They are absolutely beautiful.
It's been so warm here- no winter at all - that I didn't even have time to prune anything.
I guess I can do it anyway, maybe the apricots will be bigger in the end.

 Another group of open blossoms.
I never knew that apricots had such pretty blooms - look at all of that red and yellow!

This is a peach blossom. 
Now this tree actually looks a little scraggly - but last year it gave us tons of peaches. 
I'll take more photos in a few days and see if it looks better.
This tree should have definitely been pruned in early January.

 This is a morning "rays of sunshine" view of my field and old garden spot.
That's Bella looking beautiful.

On to the studio.....

 I make lists. Lots of lists.
I make lists of lists.
I may have five lists going on at once, overlapping chores, projects, and the like.
I also have this write-on wipe-off planner up in my studio and I NEVER use it.
My kids (specifically my son-in-law) thinks it's very funny to write things on it.
So he made me an appointment on my planner to write on my planner. Cute.

 I went crazy shopping yesterday. 
No, not for paints or canvas or brushes.
I went tool shopping.

I was looking for a tool that fellow artist Julie Ford Oliver 
uses in her work and was nice enough to share with the world.
I went to Lowe's, Wal Mart, Home Depot, and couldn't find it.
So I emailed her and she answered right back and said she buys them at Harbor Tools.
There was one right around the corner, 
so I checked it out and I AM IN LOVE with Harbor Tools..
They have tools! So many tools! I went crazy just looking at the hammer aisle.
I bought the tool I was looking for and several that I wasn't.
At the end of the day, between all the stores, I came home with:
six pairs of gardening gloves
loping shears
rose pruning clippers
pruning clippers
four box cutting tools
two paint scraping tools
one window squeegee
Julie, I hope to do you proud and I thank you.

 This is the tool I was looking for.
Made in China - wouldn't you know?

 In other news, here is a sweet little wooden house I am painting for a fundraiser, 
I think the event is called "ALBUQUIRKY LITTLE HOUSES" or something like that. 
It's basically just two blocks of wood with a little piece of wood for he chimney.
Any suggestions as to what I should do?

This is my daily painting for today.
I have loosely sketched it - and I mean very loosely.
This comes from a  blurry photo of a lovely garden up in Abiquiu.

And last but not least, I am having eight 30x30 really deep canvases
stretched for the upcoming Weems show "FLOWERS AND VEGGIES."
The first one should be ready this week. I'm so excited!
These are really deep and will be painted around the sides.

AND, great news, I have been commissioned to do a 22x28 painting for the 
in Los Lunas, New Mexico.
It will be a horizontal piece and a composite of four photos:
the Los Lunas hill, the nearby farming fields, and ditches and cottonwoods.
More on this story coming up......


  1. Glad you found the tool and I ADORE Harbor freight too!
    Dying to see what you do with it. Just know it will be exciting.

  2. Julie, I used it some on a large 30x30 floral I am working on, it's really fun! I will post the progress tonight or tomorrow...thanks again for your willingness to share

  3. Julie, I am using it somewhat on a large floral, will post progress tomorrow. Thanks again so much for sharing